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In the current era of digital transformation, securing and streamlining digital experiences while ensuring data privacy are key to protecting consumers and businesses alike. Thus, as technological innovation continues, companies are increasingly integrating digital identity solutions into their organizations and frameworks.

Earlier this month, Beyond Identity, a passwordless identity management company, announced that it has joined the ForgeRock Trust Network of certified trust partners. The company will be joining the technology ecosystem of over 75 partners in categories including strong authentication, risk and fraud management, behavioral biometrics, and identity proofing and enrichment.

In this partnership, Beyond Identity hopes to implement a passwordless login method for the ForgeRock Identity Platform and other SSO platforms. In particular, Beyond Identity’s technology employs self-signed certificates on endpoint devices to fundamentally change the way users log in to a network. Furthermore, the solution employs standard OpenID Connect flows and offers support for SAML. Through this, Beyond Identity extends the server-to-server chain of trust established with TLS to users and their devices.

“User convenience and enhanced security are the cornerstones of our passwordless identity management platform,” said Tom (TJ) Jermoluk, Co-Founder and CEO of Beyond Identity. “Our integration with ForgeRock can help drive workforce and customer identity and access management (CIAM) initiatives to empower users with the flexibility to securely manage their own identities and data across multiple devices, while freeing overburdened IT help desk staff to focus on more critical business priorities.”

Overall, Beyond Identity and ForgeRock are partnering to help enterprises achieve a number of goals, including:

  • Eliminating passwords and reducing a major source of risk by eliminating the possibility of inappropriate access or account takeover
  • Improving end-user experiences by eliminating the need to create, remember or change passwords
  • Enabling adaptive, risk-based authorization decisions and utilizing granular device security posture data and risk levels of apps to determine access
  • Reducing IT costs and overhead through user self-service device registration, addition, removal, and recovery of multiple authenticators to help eliminate frequent and costly help desk calls
  • Delivering rapid time to value, as their codeless, configuration-based integration with ForgeRock can be up and running in under an hour

The ForgeRock Trust Network

Aside from Beyond Identity, the ForgeRock Trust Network boasts partnerships with over 75 other organizations, including Onfido, Entrust, LastPass, Samsung SDS America, and more. Through the four categories of partner services, ForgeRock aims to help provide access to pre-built, tested, and up-to-date partner integrations for increasing digital identity capabilities. Furthermore, ForgeRock has streamlined the integration of these services for their clients by including them with the ForgeRock Identity Platform and ForgeRock Intelligent Access.

ForgeRock Intelligent Access is a drag-and-drop visual designer that allows companies to orchestrate, personalize and secure user journeys. The platform includes features such as user choice, omnichannel user recognition, data analytics and risk-based security, usernameless and passwordless authentication, and more. Through the use of Intelligent Access, ForgeRock aims to prevent fraud and breaches, offer dynamic login choices, leverage device context for personalization, support agility and rapid integration, harness data-driven insights and facilitate continuous real-time authorization.

“More than a thousand global brands rely on ForgeRock’s modern, comprehensive digital identity platform to help their employees safely and simply access the connected world,” said Fran Rosch, CEO at ForgeRock. “We help organizations deliver frictionless user journeys, and our partnership with Beyond Identity further reinforces that commitment with a seamless, secure passwordless experience that empowers remote and on-premise workforces with access to the resources and apps they need, when they need it.

The ForgeRock Trust Network is a showcase of how different moving parts of digital identity can improve user experiences and security for organizations. As more companies join the coalition and more digital identity solutions emerge, integrating these services will become more streamlined.

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