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Identity Review is a global tech policy think tank and industry publication focused on the future of the data economy. We bring in acclaimed writers, researchers, technologists, policymakers and executives to publish exclusive thoughts, opinions and industry trends on how digital spaces are evolving.

The Guest Writing Program

Identity Review’s guest writing program opens the floor for those who want to publish relevant research and articles on a variety of technology topics, including (but not limited to):

  • Digital identity and biometrics
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Global tech policies and regulations
  • Government adoption of technological systems
  • Digital economies in various countries and regions
  • Growing tech startups utilizing data and identity
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence

What We’re Looking For

To serve as a guest writer for Identity Review, you must be a content writer with tangible experience in researching and writing about any of the topics listed above. Identity Review prides itself in providing informative insights to our global audience, which includes government leaders, seasoned executives, researchers and industry professionals.

Although we welcome many different perspectives and ideas on our publication, articles must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Industry relevant and explores unique trends that are grounded in research and factual evidence
  2. Original work that does not plagiarize off of another writer’s work and research
  3. Well-written, concise and readable with minimal errors (AP style writing preferred)
  4. Contains subtitles breaking down certain concepts and paragraphs throughout the piece
  5. Includes any relevant graphics, pictures and links to other relevant sources

Please do not send promotional material and content to us. We reserve the right to make changes and modifications as we see fit for the article. We do not accept paid ads, links and sponsored posts.

What to Send Us

Have an idea worth exploring? Send us a pitch for your article. Be sure to include the following:

  • A paragraph on the topic and the angle you would like to explore this topic
  • Your qualifications for researching and writing this piece

Have an article that is ready to be published? Send us your piece and we’ll be in touch if it’s a good fit for our publication.

  • Your full name, job title and affiliated company
  • A 1-2 sentence professional biographical blurb
  • A 1-2 sentence summary of the article
  • A Word document attachment of the article itself (minimum 700 words)
  • A square photo of yourself
  • Any other relevant material and information

Have your pitch or article ready? Click here to send us your materials.

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