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Using Thales Group’s technology, Samsung Galaxy S20 will be the first and only device in the market to feature a secure single-chip solution to support both mobile connectivity and trusted contactless services. Using their connected embedded secure element (eSE) offers new possibilities for consumer devices that utilize a wide range of NFC services including secure payments or transport ticketing.

The Practical Applications of a Single-chip Solution

The Connected eSE is the combination of an embedded secure element (eSE) and an embedded SIM (eSIM) in a single security chip, reducing the number of components in a device. Thales’ approach is to provide solutions that bring convenience and security to customers. Thales’ OS ensures a strict separation between the security applications hosted in the eSE domain and the eSIM functionality. This unique innovation brings a new security level to any NFC service deployed in the connected eSE, unlike simpler competing solutions based on a plain eSIM.

This means OEMs can deploy a wide variety of secure services on new and existing devices with minimum effort while maintaining a very high-security level and strict protection of the MNO credentials managed in the eSIM. This also benefits directly to end-users who can enjoy access to an evolving portfolio of services through their device in a convenient way and without compromising their privacy protection.

Thales Connected eSE is also the first product combining an eSIM and an eSE that has been certified by demanding bodies such as Global Platform, GSMA and major payment schemes such as Visacard, Mastercard and AMEX, and contactless certifications organizations such as FeLiCA and MiFare by the end of 2019.

“At Samsung, we’re constantly striving to provide consumers with the most advanced technology that will enable new and exciting experiences that people can trust. We’re excited to partner with Thales to offer Galaxy S20 users a unique solution that will offer seamless connectivity and robust security,” said Daniel Ahn, Senior Vice President and Head of Mobile Security Team, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “The Galaxy S20 boasts the highest level of data protection and encryption with Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (CC EAL) 6+ certification. This demands greater component miniaturization while maintaining an advanced level of security, ably demonstrated by Thales’ single-chip integration of eSE and eSIM.”

Integrating Connected eSEs into Everyday Interactions

Embedded Secure Elements are multi-applicative and have numerous highly valuable security-related use cases in any type of device. This includes:

  • Mobile payments, which includes transportation and ticketing enabled by Samsung Pay and Apple Pay
  • Enterprise, including access control, email encryption and signature, VPN and data protection)
  • Device integrity such as secure boot, secured IMEI, firmware upgrade and integrity
  • User protection such as Mobile ID, data encryption, access control
  • Automotive such as mobile virtual car keys

The eSIM enables remote access to connectivity, meaning that users can manage mobile subscriptions without having to fit or replace SIM cards. It allows the dematerialization of the mobile subscription, extending the mobile connectivity reach to new typologies of consumer connected devices, such as wearables, connected PCs and tablets. End-users can also have multiple devices (smartphone, smartwatch, tablet) into a single subscription.

Giving Samsung Users Advanced Connectivity and Digital Identity

Galaxy S20 users will be able to enjoy mobile connectivity and contactless applications such as payments, transit ticketing and digital ID, including mobile passports and mobile driver licenses. These are also all in compliance with relevant industrial specifications such as GSMA, payment and transit organizations. This all-in-one connected eSE also saves valuable space in smartphones, smartwatches and tablets.

“This partnership reflects Samsung’s deep trust in Thales, a world leader eSIM technology and related subscription management services. Cutting the number of separate components needed within such devices also streamlines inventory and manufacturing processes, boosting productivity and profitability,” said Emmanual Unguran, Thales Senior Vice President for Mobile Connectivity Solutions. “Thales is uniquely placed in terms of its relationships with key service providers for contactless applications, including banks, mobile operators, automotive makers, transport providers and governments.”

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