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Here are eight interesting Solana projects on our radar:

1. Infinity Labs

Infinity Labs #243 | NFT on Solsea

This platform allows you to merge your NFTs of different types ranging from animations, stories, and sounds. Scenes of the Solverse comes with 1,111 pieces of artwork and 8 copies of each that represent 8 different timelines. Once the user purchases two NFTs of the same scene number, they can merge them and view the merged NFT on their phantom wallet or solana explorer. There are even music scores for selected merged scenes. Eventually, Infinity Labs will allow users to merge all 8 copies of the same scene to make rarer realities. 

2. Rogue Sharks

Rogue Shark #53 - Crypto Sharks NFT | OpenSea

With 5,000 unique Shark NFTs in the collection, Rogue Sharks aims to intersect emerging technologies and ocean preservation. They have partnered with OCEARCH, a non-profit whose aim is to conduct research to generate data related to ocean tracking and biological studies of various shark species in order to help our oceans. As one of the highest traded NFT collections, they have already raised $250,000 to assist OCEARCH’s initiatives and help fund their vessel operations. Rogue Shark holders have access to real life events including galas, expeditions, and events on the M/V Ocearch Vessel. They also have special access to naming a real life shark that Ocearch tags. 

3. Hype Santas

Hype Santas | Solsea

Hype Santas partners with the Chapman Partnership, a homeless shelter in Miami, that provides food, shelter, medical care, and job readiness courses for surrounding homeless people. Their mission is to make Christmas all year long for the less fortunate in their community. Every Hype Santa purchase provides a percentage of sales to the Chapman Partnership. Hype Santa owners gain access to future Hype Section NFT drops.  Once they have reached sufficient funding, they plan to develop an interactive game with reindeer and candy canes. 

4. Solana Pawn Stars

Magic Eden - NFT Marketplace

Solana Pawn Stars offers a creative solution to users who want to gain liquidity but do want to sell their NFTs. Essentially, users pawn their NFT for an interest fee and gain it back on a predetermined date. This way, users can gain liquidity for their NFT instantly without having to permanently sell their favorite NFTs. Buying one of the 1,500 NFTs from the collection supports development of the platform. Original owners receive consecutive payments from the profit Solana Pawn Stars receives.

5. LUX

LUX VR Metaverse NFT Drop On Solana

LUX offers several collections within the metaverse. Users are able to create their own avatars. LUX features a real estate collection, which allows users to purchase NFTs that represent different forms of property ranging from apartment to mansion. Users are also able to purchase the LUX Entertainment Card to join social events including gaming, music, and sport. Users can also make $LUX tokens by renting out properties, allowing other users to host events on properties, and participating in play-to-earn NFT games. Once the user has received a certain amount of $LUX, they are able to possess roles in the community that allow them to have discounts and access to future drops.

6. Enviro

Enviro allows users to display their NFTs in a virtual art gallery. Purchasing an NFT in the collection allows users to then personally customize their art gallery. Pieces in the gallery can range from digital media, images, and streaming videos. The gallery is 3-D and includes adjustable lighting and customizable furniture. They also feature mood boards so users can feel inspired to create new projects. 

7. Net Gala: Genesis

Net Gala 🕺 | STAKING LIVE! (@NetGalaNFT) / Twitter

The Net Gala aims to allow artists to make their own profits for their music, a more ethical alternative to current streaming platforms in which artists make very little money and monetize their music through performances. Purchasing an NFT in the collection gives the user access to a wristband which grants them access to the Galaverse where undiscovered artists can make their own profits on their music. Each NFT represents different levels of admission (General Admission, VIP, etc) to performances from various artists on the platform. The platform also allows users to customize their bars, event spaces, viewing rooms, and art galleries.

8. Blue Terra

Blue Terra NFT Drop On Solana

Blue Terra is the first ever NFT tied to physical land in real life. Owners of a Blue Terra NFT are given 1,500-2,000 square feet of land in The Bahamas and have the right to build and sublease on their land. Leases are validated through a KYC process and owners are formal property owners. Once an owner builds on the land, they will incur property taxes. All of the plots in the collection are within walking distance of the beach.


Brianna Perez is a contributor to Identity Review from the University of Southern California.

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