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Although art NFTs are notably sold on platforms like OpenSea, the exorbitant gas fees of Ethereum have edged out users. Enter fxhash. 

fxhash is an open platform that allows users to create and collect generative tokens stored on the tezos blockchain. These generative tokens are programs designed to produce random outputs—once a generative token is enabled, anyone with a tezos wallet can mint their own unique iteration of the token. Comparatively inexpensive and eco-friendly way to mint and exchange NFTs, fxhash recently celebrated its 100,000th mint before its one-month anniversary.

This in mind, the following are eight fxhash artists to keep an eye on, with collections that range from the beautiful to the cryptic.

1. ciphrd

ciphrd is the creator and sole developer of fxhash. With only collections of generative art on fxhash, they are highly sought after due to their historical value and aesthetic appeal. His collection “RGB Elementary Cellular Automaton,” for instance, was the second project ever created on the platform.

2. mjlindow

Artist mjlindow has released seven collections on fxhash thus far, each of them met with resounding success. His pieces are known for their relatability—his collection “Caught in a Void” was a reflection on the tumultuous 571 days between the start of the COVID lockdown and him quitting his job to be a generative artist, an exploration of uncertainty and mental discord. 

3. Yazid

Yazid’s collection, “Hashed Cities,” is an array of minimalistic and abstract buildings of varying widths, heights, transparencies and patterns. Additionally, the piece re-renders every minute when viewed to adjust the position of celestial bodies based on the owner’s real-time, pushing the limits of what generative pieces are capable of. 

4. Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez (msoriaro)

Soria-Rodriguez’s “contrapuntos” collection is a beautiful representation of musical counterpoint, whereby two or more melodic lines complement each other but act independently. In this collection, however, Soria-Rodriguez depicts the everyday lives of individuals around the world – creating a visual presentation of how our daily lives are intertwined with the lives of those around us, emphasizing their impactful and long-lasting effects. 

5. Ahmad Moussa

Lesser-known artist, Ahmad Moussa’s collection “Vestige” is underlined by simplicity. Gradient-based, the collection reflects the definition of a vestige—a trace or remnant of something that is disappearing or no longer exists.

6. Sabha

While a creative coder who only started creating generative pieces on fxhash a month ago, Sabha’s use of color combinations in his work are striking. His collection “Inward” features incomplete circles that slowly connect their ends, with tasteful colors filling each stroke of the various circles. 

7. nekropunk

fxhash is home to a new genre of generative art: the interactive. nekropunk’s “_φφ” collection has an eye-catching title, with pieces reminiscent of Kandinsky. The twist? Hover your mouse over the piece—one of the piece’s white spheres will follow along with your mouse movement, while creating a myriad of straight, brown strokes scattered about.

8. 0xDwarf

In a similar vein, 0xDwarf’s “Puzzle” collection is a playable puzzle for users to solve. The puzzle features a Tezos coin—ironically, upon its successful completion, the piece states “Congratulations! You will become a billionaire!”


Han Shen Tjoa is a contributor to Identity Review from the University of Southern California.

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