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Uber and AU10TIX, an Israel-based identity verification and authentication company, have partnered to launch a new identity authentication program for cash-paying riders in cities in Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

The program will require new riders who choose cash as their preferred payment method to provide an official identification document. This includes voting credentials, a driver’s license, a national ID or passport.

AU10TIX leverages technologies like biometrics, deep learning and data science to provide a fully autonomous identity verification process. Now more than ever, as services become increasingly touchless and digital, the need for a strong and seamless digital identity authentication system has never been more present. A strong digital identity can help ensure customers have privacy and control over their personal data and helps to authenticate users faster, protecting against potential malware and saving companies money.

“In the current  business climate, more drivers and riders are wanting added reassurance for  cash payment options, and we want to give them that,” said Ron Atzmon, AU10TIX Active Deputy Chairman. “Working together with Uber, we are delivering on this with AU10TIX’s identity document verification technology that provides the reliability, efficiency and scalability required to help provide peace of mind.”

An Added Layer of Security

In 2018, cash comprised 13%, or about $6.5 billion, of money paid to Uber drivers. Cash is a popular payment method in countries in Latin America, Europe and Africa, but is much riskier than electronic payment, as it invites legal and regulatory compliance risks such as potential money laundering. Uber is designed to be an entirely cashless process for ease on both riders and drivers, with the added benefit of electronic payments being more secure and traceable.

This new authentication system provides an extra layer of security to both riders and drivers. The partnership is just another example of how the digital identity market helps to drive economies in the digital era and how integrating digital identity can help companies expand globally with an added blanket of security.

“As COVID-19 has shifted priorities for both Uber and AU10TIX, our partnership with Uber has also evolved,” said Carey O’Connor Kolaja, CEO of AU10TIX. “Together, we worked on a platform that brings together payment preference and identity verification to prioritize safety for both riders and drivers. We expect this launch to set the stage for us to expand into other countries where Uber is experiencing elevated demand for cash payments.”


Lydia You is a computer scientist from Princeton University living in New York City. She is a Tech Innovation Fellow at Identity Review covering the intersection of technology, internet culture and the future of digital media.

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