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Twenty20 Solutions announced the release of its cutting-edge facial biometrics and object recognition technology that is powered by advanced machine learning methods. The company says that the technology can be integrated into any business and that it has shown to bring software false alerts down by 90%.

“Developing AI-enabled technology that helps customers automate their day-to-day on-site activities and keep their assets, people, and businesses safe and compliant is our company’s main focus. We are committed to providing leading-edge solutions that protect our customers’ assets and people, optimize their operations, improve their efficiency and reduce their overall costs,” said Twenty20 Solutions CEO Dan Vertachnik.

The Impact on Industry

In general, the new biometric platform is cloud-based, allowing clients to integrate all their surveillance views.

In the health sector, Twenty20 Solutions has started providing PPE recognition to track protective gear such as masks and hard hats. This allows clients to enforce safety compliance more efficiently, ensuring that people are keeping themselves and those around them more secure. The new biometric platform is also cloud-based, allowing clients to integrate all their surveillance views for increased accessibility.

The advanced technology has also significantly changed the capabilities of law enforcement. They can now utilize the company’s new vehicle classification tool to detect and categorize various motorcycles, cars and trucks. In addition, the company’s edge AI has made it possible for law enforcement to advance current facial recognition infrastructure instead of having to overhaul everything to integrate.

The Ethical Questions 

In the past, advanced biometric technology has been misused by law enforcement. One example of this was the scandal with Clearview AI, a company founded by an Australian techie—Hoan Ton-That. The facial recognition app allows users to upload a photo of a person and see all the public photos of that individual, along with links to where those photos appeared.

Without any federal approval or regulation, over 600 law enforcement agencies have started using Clearview over the past year. Because of the uploads from the police, Clearview now possesses a growing database of individuals who have attracted attention from law enforcement. These individuals are not informed that they have been added to this system. This situation shows that governments and institutions are far from immune to misusing biometric technology. 

Therefore, it is understandable that Twenty20 Solutions’s new technology has major implications. The technology is undeniably revolutionary for the industry; after all, it is bringing false alerts down by 90%. That being said, as shown with the Clearview AI situation, the technology holds a lot of power and must be used carefully.


Sarah Raza is a Tech Innovation Fellow with a background in computer science from Stanford. She is passionate about exploring the implications of increased usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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