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Tune in to our podcast list, updated each week with our favorite picks from the industry. Learn more about digital identity, the data economy and much more from experts across the field.

Enabling Digital Transformation with Biometrics and Mobile ID: FindBiometrics

Susan Stover, ID Talk, is joined by BioConnect CTO and CISO Courtney Gibson, BIO-key CEO and Chairman Mike DePasquale, and Iris ID Business Development Manager Tom DeWinter to discuss the fraud threats facing businesses as they rush to enable digital transformation safely, and how biometrics and mobile ID technologies enable it.

Fighting the Uptick in Identity Fraud: OneWorld Identity

Socure Senior Counsel & Privacy Lead Annie Bai joins State of Identity to discuss why an uptick in identity fraud usually follows economic downturns, the new types of fraud proliferating in the COVID-19 era and how financial institutions and fintechs can protect themselves.

Check back with us regularly, this article is frequently updated with our favorite picks from the digital identity industry!

Younger People Are Better At Cybersecurity Than Others | SMBs Top Ten CyberSecurity Misconceptions: ITSP Magazine

In partnership with NCSA CyberSecure My Business, ITSPmagazine is thrilled to offer a new SMB CyberSecurity Awareness Series based on this well-received 10 Common CyberSecurity Misconceptions resource from NCSA. Join guest Yee-Yin Choong, NIST, and Ellen Xu, Elevate the Future, as they speak with hosts Sean Martin, Marco Ciappelli and Daniel Eliot.

Self-Sovereign Identity: This Week in Tech, Floss Weekly

Historically, we have expressed our identity through a piece of paper, driver’s license and documents given by authorities. But in the digital age, we have companies holding the credentials, like Facebook and Google. Richard Esplin, an open-source advocate and Product Manager at Evernym, talks with Doc Searls and Shawn Powers about the importance of taking control of your identity, self-sovereign identity and verifiable credentials. 

Privacy in an Information Sharing World: OneWorld Identity

Airside Chief Commercial Officer Jessica Patel joins State of Identity to discuss the history of their groundbreaking mobile passport app, how different industry verticals are coping with the identity impact of the COVID-19 crisis and the key considerations that went into building Airside’s new mobile identity platform.

Nonconformist Innovation Podcast: Data Ethics & Innovation

This podcast digs deep into the role that ethics plays in innovation, capitalism and cyber resilience. The guest on this episode is David Ottenheimer, the VP of Trust and Digital Ethics at Inrupt. He delivers a clear and compelling argument that ethics is security, that Facebook should be dissolved, and that keeping markets free means removing things that harm the marketplace. They also take a look at the role that ethics officers play in business and thoughts on the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 and CPRA. Furthermore, they explore the most provocative question of all: Is The US still in a civil war?

Data Mindset Podcast

In today’s #datamindset episode, Gary Walter, President and CEO of Infutor Data Solutions, and Suman Moodley, Digital Strategy Leader, discuss why your customer identity matters. Gary shares insight on Infutor’s TrueSource™ Identity Graph that provides the industry’s most accurate and extensive consumer identity information. This is used to form identity graphs to verify, complete, enrich, link and maintain consumer identities, creating a powerful, single consumer profile.

Let’s Talk about Digital Identity: Privacy, Contact Tracing Apps and Facial Recognition: Ubisecure

Let’s talk about digital identity with Debbie Reynolds, Founder, CEO and Chief Data Privacy Officer at Debbie Reynolds Consulting LLC. She discusses privacy in contact tracing apps around the world. Debbie walks us through the potential issues with contact tracing apps with regard to regional laws, security risks which must be mitigated against and the practical effectiveness of the apps themselves. Debbie and Oscar also dive into the world of facial recognition, including the importance of accuracy and transparency around public practices and relevant regulations (GDPR, CCPA, BIPA, etc.).

Securing Your Digital Identity: Wharton FinTech

In this episode, Ines Gonzales Del Mazo sat down with Vinny Lingham, Co-Founder and CEO of Civic. Civic is a personal identity protection and management service that allows banks, financial institutions, and other merchants to confirm the usage of social security numbers with the true owner of that number before creating new accounts.

Managing Third Party Identity: Identity at the Center

Jim and Jeff talk with SecZetta founder and CEO David Pignolet about how they address the problems of managing third party identities and some of their associated risks.

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