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As the digital realm swells with activity, identity theft is becoming increasingly common—the Federal Trade Commission reported that identity theft cases doubled between 2019 and 2020. Individuals, therefore, must be vigilant when protecting their identity. Luckily, key services have maintained a steady offense against these crimes—check out the five most relevant below.

Identity Guard

Identity Guard has been consistently ranked as one of the foremost identity theft protection services. It works to protect its users’ digital and financial identities, offering a variety of services—first, the service has partnered with IBM Watson’s scanning, which allows it to detect threats more effectively. By monitoring the millions of digital pieces that work together to make up your digital identity, Identity Guard prides itself on its ability to notify users of any potential dangers quickly. They offer three immediate plans for users, which include:

  • Value Plan – $7.50 per month ($12.50 for family)
  • Total Plan – $16.67 per month ($25.00 for family)
  • Ultra Plan – $25.00 per month ($33.33 for family)


Another highly effective service that protects individuals from identity theft, LifeLock comes with a mobile app, giving users the ability to stay up to date on any updates regarding their identity, no matter where they are. Once individuals sign up for LifeLock, they are given access to a variety of services—LifeLock, firstly, scans the Internet for any activity that could potentially put the identities of its users in jeopardy. If the service were to detect a potential threat, they would identify the user via text message, email, or the mobile app, ensuring that the danger could be taken care of immediately. LifeLock operates with the understanding that no matter how much an individual works to protect themself from identity theft, there is no way to guarantee with absolute certainty that they will not fall victim to this crime. LifeLock’s team is flanked with experts on hand who can work with users experiencing identity theft. The service can then reimburse the user for the losses they have incurred up to the limit of their Plan. LifeLock offers three different protection plans, including:

  • Select Plan – beginning at $99.48 for the first year (offers up to $25,000 in reimbursement for stolen funds)
  • Advantage Plan – starting at $191.88 for the first year (offers up to $100,000 in restitution for stolen funds)
  • Ultimate Plus Plan – starting at $299.98 for the first year (offers up to $1,000,000 in restitution for stolen funds)

ID Shield

ID Shield currently protects millions of individuals from identity theft and is set apart from competitors with its uniqueness. ID Shield provides their members with access to full-time private investigators who can be contacted directly through the mobile app, for instance, and constantly monitors the identities of its users and offers consultation services. Users can likewise receive instant notifications about any information that pertains to their identities. ID Shield offers two different tiers of protection, with protection for both individuals and families. These tiers include:

  • 1 Bureau – $13.95 monthly for individuals / $26.95 monthly for families
  • 3 Bureau $17.95 monthly for individuals / $32.95 monthly for families

ID Watchdog

With services positioned against Tax-Related Identity Theft, Medical Identity Theft, Criminal Identity Theft, and Child Identity Theft, ID Watchdog protects the identities of its users by monitoring billions of online data points, like those relating to credit reports, high-risk transactions and public records. Notably, the service offers access to customer service representatives at all times. The ID Watchdog mobile app also allows easy access to accounts. While some employers offer access to ID Watchdog, the service is also available for individuals to purchase for themselves. This service offers two levels of access:

  • ID Watchdog Plus – $14.95 monthly
  • ID Watchdog Platinum – $19.95 monthly


Privacy Guard understands where thieves of information go to sell their victims’ personal information and closely monitors these sites. The service constantly monitors credit files, ensuring that they can immediately alert users if any changes have been made. With the ability to provide monthly Triple-Bureau credit reports and scores, Privacy Guard boasts a thorough understanding of the identity theft landscape. Correspondingly, the service offers access to experts who can help individuals complete all of the steps necessary to reclaim their identity, like contacting credit agencies, filing paperwork, and working through the credit dispute process. PrivacyGuard offers the following three plans:

  • Credit Protection – $19.99 per month
  • Identity Protection – $19.99 per month
  • Total Protection – $24.99 per month

How to Report Identity Theft

The Federal Trade Commission offers access to a reporting website where any individual can report identity theft. By reporting identity theft on this website, individuals can explain their exact situation, work with experts to decide how to proceed, and move towards reclaiming their identity. In most states, the offices of the Attorney’s General provide state-centric resources for those who have had their identity stolen. By calling their state’s office, individuals can learn more about how identity theft is specifically handled in their state, 

Additional reporting resources may be available for individuals who subscribe to an identity protection service, such as those detailed above. Many of these services offer access to non-government experts who can help users whose identities have been compromised. 

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