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Around the world, governments are entrusted with the public’s most sensitive information and data, meaning that it is also their responsibility to ensure that privacy and safety standards are upheld. But as cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated in targeting government entities, the public is becoming more at-risk of facing the consequences of the breach.

Recently, cybersecurity company Votiro announced a partnership and distribution agreement with electrical systems company Thales. Thales will offer solutions from Votiro’s Secure File Gateway product line to protect government agencies from file-borne threats. The product line ensures that threat-free content, such as documents and attachments, can enter government agency networks without interrupting data flow or work activity.

“Votiro’s Secure File Gateway product line is trusted by governments around the world, and now our new partnership with Thales will allow more federal government agencies in the U.S. the opportunity to access solutions at a time when security is paramount,” said CEO and founder of Votiro, Aviv Grafi. “We look forward to expanding our footprint in North America and growing our partnership with Thales, who have made it their mission to provide innovative solutions to protect the most vital data, from the core to the cloud to the field for defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies across the U.S. Federal Government.”

Both companies will leverage their strategic relationship to enable government agencies in North America to provide efficient digital services with no risk of malware penetration using the Votiro Secure File Gateway product line. Thale’s distribution of Votiro’s Secure File Gateway for Email protects against targets for malicious attacks, including banking scams, spear phishing, zero-day and ransomware. Secure File Gateway for Web Applications advances security measures and capabilities for applications.

Votiro’s Secure File Gateway product line uses Positive Selection™ technology to allow threat-free files, such as attachments and documents, to enter networks without interrupting data flow or hindering work activity. While other security approaches—such as AV and NGAV solutions—attempt to detect and block malicious content, Secure File Gateway’s Positive Selection technology singles out only the safe elements of each file, ensuring every file that enters the organization is completely safe.

“Partnering with Votiro and distributing the Secure File Gateway product line will help government agencies streamline operations by securing the overwhelming amount of incoming data that governments must process,” said Kirk Spring, President of Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies. “Utilizing this solution is one step governments can take to work towards a primary goal—to ensure the well-being of their people through leveraging technology to improve everyday services.”

Embracing Digital Transformation and Security

Today, government agencies are trying to embrace digital transformation to boost efficiency, but will this come at the expense of security and potential breaches? Today’s digital growth often correlate with an increased risk of cyberattack. The new partnership between Thales and Votiro hopes to provide solutions that will allow government agencies to continue to focus on innovation rather than security breaches.

“Votiro’s Secure File Gateway is already trusted by governments around the world, as it is proven to provide efficient digital services with no risk of malware penetration,” says Grafi. “As Votiro reaches more federal agencies in the U.S. through our partnership with Thales, we will continue to work with the government at all levels to foster a more secure environment to improve efficiency and protect organizations and the individuals they serve.”

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