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TECH5, an international information technology company, recently announced the launch of the T5 Digital Identity Toolkit to provide touchless solutions that help to safely speed up government and enterprise activities. The T5 Digital Identity Toolkit can streamline ID management during and post-COVID-19 and provide users to efficiently conduct daily digital operations.

The T5 Digital Identity Toolkit currently includes secure biometric face capture, liveness detection, a high compression algorithm for face images and biometric matching technologies for mobile devices. The T5 Digital Identity Toolkit also includes the T5-IDencode, an enhanced barcode technology that can be used for data storage, management and offline authentication, all provided in partnership with HD Barcode LLC.

The T5-IDencode uses a secure high-density barcode that enables the storage of biometric data and offline authentication by face or fingerprint. The Digital ID can only be read by a key-enabled mobile app.

Partnering with HD Barcode for Tech Innovation

In May, TECH5 agreed to partner with HD Barcode LLC to integrate HD Barcode’s 2D barcode technology into its own T5-IDencode platform for biometric use.

“We see tremendous opportunity in partnering with TECH5 as the T5-IDencode will be the first in the world to combine multi-biometrics, color photograph and text in our patented 2D barcode technology, all without requiring the use of the Internet or a database,” said Gary L. Parish, Managing Director of HD Barcode LLC. “The ability will address a wide range of use cases that are highly relevant today. Our companies are driven by the same vision – for IDs to be fully digital and managed exclusively by the citizen.”

Digital Identity Benefits Amid COVID-19 Crisis

The current COVID-19 pandemic has facilitated a greater need for digital identity and ID management with biometrics. With these technologies in place, citizens can have full control of their personal information and choose who can access their private data without the need for online verification.

According to TECH5 CEO and Co-founder Machiel van der Harst, “Storing the Digital ID in a barcode provides both citizens and governments with significant benefits. The barcode can be generated in seconds, dispatched and delivered online securely, and is also flexible and reduces total cost of ownership. All of these features serve to drive its adoption.” 

The Applications of the T5 Digital Identity Toolkit

The T5 Digital Identity Toolkit can be used for a variety of different purposes. This includes financial transactions, paperless travel, social welfare, document security, and other applications that utilize identity in digital onboarding. This can also be implemented for the issuance of a “Digital Immunity Passport” for situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are aggressively and continuously working on technologies that will facilitate the next critical phase of bringing life back to some level of normalcy, which will be as important as controlling the pandemic,” said Rahul Parthe, CTO and Co-founder of TECH5. “We believe that the T5 Digital Identity Toolkit has the potential to become a platform for a true ‘Citizen’s Digital ID’ that is in line with our new, fundamentally digital reality, as well as becoming an innovative and cost-effective solution for all the digital ID needs including digital immunity passports.”

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