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The increased adoption of cloud technologies in the age of rapid digital transformation and remote work has created new security challenges for enterprises across the tech industry. Organizations that have not adapted their cybersecurity measures have found themselves stuck with obsolete, static security measures that do not empower the remote work occurring in today’s world or adequately protect enterprise and user data.

This week, intelligent identity and access governance solution provider Saviynt announced the general release of its latest product, Saviynt 2020. The identity cloud platform brings together identity governance, privileged access management, application access governance and data access governance, helping major global organizations manage risk, scale cloud initiatives and maintain regulatory compliance.

About Saviynt

Founded in 2009, California-based company Saviynt is a SaaS platform targeting identity management, application GRC and privileged access management. Through the development of its cloud-built identity and access governance platforms, the company aims to help modern enterprises scale cloud initiatives and quickly solve security and compliance challenges. Saviynt brings together identity governance (IGA), granular application access, cloud security and privileged access to secure the entire business ecosystem. Saviynt’s services are used by brands including BP, Western Digital, Mass Mutual and Koch Industries.

Dynamic Approaches to Improving Security

Using principles of Zero Trust, adaptability and convergence, Saviynt 2020 aims to provide security and governance for enterprise multi-cloud and hybrid environments. The platform offers organizations the ability to govern and administer all access within hybrid applications, such as Microsoft 365 and Salesforce, and cloud infrastructure assets, like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. This eliminates the need for multiple products and vendors, therefore streamlining internal infrastructure for businesses with evolving requirements.

In particular, Saviynt 2020 offers four key capabilities to its users:

  1. First, to help accelerate uniformity, Saviynt 2020 offers enhanced capabilities around guest access management, BOT access governance, operational technology integration, and application and workload discovery. The platform also offers an application onboarding experience that includes an RPA Bot for last-mile identity automation to support rapidly growing human and machine identities.
  2. Second, Saviynt leverages the power of AI and risk-based-intelligent identity to streamline enterprise identity with intelligent insights that automate access and security decisions at scale. Real-time, contextual risk insights and automated decision-making capabilities help stop access issues before they spread, increase approval confidence, and automate or speed-up identity-related tasks.
  3. Third, following principles of Zero Trust, Saviynt 2020 uses just-in-time privilege elevation and time-bound access to give businesses the ability to prevent data breaches and insider threats with continuous risk assessment and real-time analytics. This reduces the attack surface while ensuring compliance, business continuity and organizational resilience, ultimately securing an organization’s entire multi-cloud or hybrid infrastructure.
  4. Finally, Saviynt 2020 aims to reduce friction and improve engagement with a user-friendly experience that simplifies requesting access via new tools like ServiceNow within a user’s browser or via a mobile app. This will help drive the adoption of digital identity necessary to maintain a modern, secure identity perimeter.

Through this converged approach to enterprise identity management, organizations can further secure their perimeters with this integrated approach to IGA and access governance. With respect to remote work, this means that businesses can have greater assurance that their information and access points are dynamically protected, regardless of the connection point.

“The enterprise ecosystem is experiencing a seismic shift, causing businesses across the globe to significantly rethink the ways identity helps them manage risk and security,” said Amit Saha, CEO at Saviynt. “The reality behind this shift is that identity is no longer just about people. Instead, identity spans workloads, data, bots and connected devices.”


Serena He is a Tech Innovation Fellow from the University of Southern California who is interested in AI and the intersection of design and technology. She enjoys covering news across the digital identity and tech space.

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