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Sailpoint Technologies Holdings, Inc., a company in business-oriented identity management technologies, launched a series of updates to its SaaS identity platform. Underpinned by machine learning and AI algorithms, the platform seeks to automate predictive modeling, adaptive security, continuous compliance and autonomous identity practices—the four goals of the SailPoint Predictive Identity vision—for businesses globally.

Setting the Stage

Given that COVID-19 has sent businesses to remote environments in droves, online identity management as it relates to security has become ever more important. Identity is at the heart and smarts of any business’s security strategy.

“In this status quo, and with a hybrid work/office environment for the foreseeable future, many organizations resort to over-provisioning users in their race to equip them with the access to collaboration tools they need to be productive,” says Paul Trulove, CPO of SailPoint. “Without identity security—which addresses the concern of who should have access to what and why—granting these requests can be an exposure point, with critical mistakes slipping through the cracks.”

That sentiment, Trulove says, can be summed up in much fewer words: “Automation is key.”

Security, Innovation and Evolution

When businesses operate securely, they can evolve confidently. Often, this process for any business takes significant physical energy by IT professionals and funds on behalf of businesses. With SailPoint, the process is entirely autonomous. And with their newest updates, businesses can maintain access across their organization as roles and internal structures shift. They can also interactively discern what access a user needs using a streamlined approval engine.

Testifying to SailPoint’s success, Ian Anderson with OGE Energy Corp said, “We invested in improvements to our identity and access management (IAM) program to ensure our security and governance abilities matched the pace of our business. SailPoint’s SaaS solution has helped us achieve many of our goals and has allowed us to expand our overall IAM offerings to our business partners. IAM is especially important today as many organizations transform their operations to meet the challenges of the current operating environment. The IAM systems we are building for tomorrow focus on automation and leveraging analytics to predict access requirements and meet those needs in real-time.”


Olivia Baker is a fellow at Identity Review, where she writes on tech policy and national digital identity technology

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