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Tools like Weebly and Wix have revolutionized people’s ability to create websites. Lowering the barrier to entry, these tools have empowered users with no computer science background. RIF’s new unified digital identity solution—rLogin—is doing the same in the blockchain world.

“rLogin is a huge step toward achieving Self-Sovereign Identity while simplifying the way to interact with the blockchain,” said RIF Identity Product Owner, Milton Berman. “We are very excited to see these integrations giving users the flexibility to control their own data and move their crypto assets and reputation across platforms.”

rLogin Features

rLogin offers users two major advantages. Firstly, by integrating with Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, the technology enables users to use their cryptocurrency wallets to authenticate, store and port their data across various web applications. Secondly, it allows users complete control over their platform. They can be completely independent of big tech companies and financial institutions, deplatforming anyone without repercussions.

This solution provides users with a front-end, back-end and data storage capabilities. The front-end can be used with any blockchain wallet and includes a pre-designed user experience for registration and login. The backend serves as a Decentralized Identifier (DID) that authenticates users by their wallet addresses. For data storage, rLogin provides a user-centric cloud storage platform called Data Vault.

In terms of wallet integrations, rLogin is already compatible with Metamask, Nifty, Liquality and WalletConnect. And, this is just the beginning. RIF plans to introduce support for more wallets soon.

Support for the rLogin Community

rLogin is free and open-source. To become a part of the community, all you need to do is make use of the exhaustive toolset available on Github.

By being a part of the wider RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) suite of tools, rLogin provides its community with quite a bit of support. RSK provides a Developer Portal that allows developers to learn more about the application for the list of supporting documentation. RSK also offers support and assistance from the RIF Identity via a Slack channel.

Looking to the Future

As the use of blockchain becomes more prevalent, services like rLogin will become. While tools akin to rLogin do currently exist in the market, many are not comprehensively integrated with compatibility to both Ethereum and Bitcoin. Take the example of solc-js, a solidity compiler which allows developers to write code in the Ethereum chain. RIF is taking advantage of a specific market opportunity that is bound to grow.


Sarah Raza is a Tech Innovation Fellow with a background in computer science from Stanford. She is passionate about exploring the implications of increased usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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