The OpenText Identity and Access Management (IAM) Platform helps enterprises manage all the digital identities that request access to their systems and applications. OpenText Identity and Access Management is a cloud-based platform that governs access to information through role-based control, regulating access to data or systems based on each user. Their IAM solution delivers fine-grained user access control for employees, consumers and business partners, such as suppliers or distributors. The solution provides visibility into who is accessing what information, with full certification, audit and attestation of all user identities.

Learn more about OpenText identity solutions. This Report covers:

  • Solutions and Capabilities
  • Key Source Selection Criteria
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Pros and Cons
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Stakeholder Profiles
  • Major Product Milestones
  • Pricing and more

Objective of the Report: 

  • To provide objective in-depth analysis for prospective buyers
  • To analyze how OpenText fits into the Global Identity & Access Management (IAM) Market.
  • To provide key insights into solution capabilities, key deployments, organization size, and customer success track record.
  • To share developments such as regional expansions, new product launches
  • To conduct pricing analysis relative to the Global Identity & Access Management (IAM) Market.

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