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Okta is an independent provider of identity for the enterprise. The Okta Identity Cloud enables organizations to both secure and manage their extended enterprise, and transform their customers’ experiences. Okta gives one trusted platform to secure every identity in your organization including workforce and customers.

The Okta Identity Management Service provides centralized directory services, single sign-on, strong authentication, provisioning, workflow, and reporting, all delivered as a multitenant IDaaS with some components operating on-premise. Okta consumers can easily manage single sign-on, provision users, and sync data across apps and systems. They offer a network of pre-built integrations and continuously monitor its health, maintaining connections and adding new ones by the day.

Currently, Okta features the following Identity Cloud products:

  • Single Sign-On – Seamless access to applications from a single pane of glass
  • Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication – Secures access for the entire business and prevent data breaches
  • Universal Directory – One place to manage all users, groups and devices, mastered in Okta or from any number of sources
  • Lifecycle Management – Automates all lifecycles with any business process for external and internal users
  • Advanced Server Access – Enable a Zero Trust approach to Linux server access via SSH and RDP
  • Access Gateway – Extend Okta to secure on-prem apps without changing how they work today
  • API Access Management – Protect APIs with a reliable identity and Authorization Policy layer
  • Customer Identity – Find products to build a secure, seamless experience for customers



Learn more about Okta identity solutions. This report covers:

  • Solutions and Capabilities
  • Key Source Selection Criteria
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Pros and Cons
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Stakeholder Profiles
  • Major Product Milestones
  • Pricing and more

Objective of the Report:

  • To provide objective in-depth analysis for prospective buyers
  • To analyze how Okta fits into the identity market
  • To provide key insights into solution capabilities, key deployments, organization size, and customer success track record
  • To share developments such as regional expansions, new product launches
  • To conduct pricing analysis relative to the identity market

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