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Bloom addresses global identity and credit through a decentralized infrastructure that is private, secure, and financially inclusive.

According to Bloom, their mission is to:

  • Empower users to take their data back from insecure, centralized credit systems
  • Onboard users in emerging markets to take part in the global financial landscape through a system that is private and secure by design.
  • Protect businesses from fraud and reduce costs related to preventing identity theft

Overview & Products:

Bloom addresses security for data storage and identity fraud for governments and financial institutions. The Bloom Protocol is a comprehensive solution for private data verification, sharing, and aggregation. It natively supports alternative credit indicators, works globally, and is breach-resistant.


  • BloomID is a reusable, cryptographically secure identity that reduces risk of identity theft due to data breaches.
  • Leverages the power of blockchain to create a fully decentralized digital identity system.
  • Interoperable, user-permissioned data


  • Radar scans thousands of sites and databases on the dark web for stolen or leaked information
  • Receive real-time hack alerts when your data has been stolen or leaked
  • Take action and learn what data has been exposed with detailed Hack Briefings so you can act swiftly to guard against identity theft
  • 100% free unlike other solutions 


  • Bloom Journey is a white-label onboarding solution that enables banks to reduce account origination costs, digital onboard new users, and close loans faster.
  • Protect customer data with secure blockchain technology and minimize the risk of data breaches.
  • Improve conversion rates with a streamlined experience that customers can complete in minutes.
  • Journey empowers you to own the customer journey from lead to close.

Global Adoption

Bloom is the largest blockchain-based identity application in the world, deployed at scale to over a million users. The current top 5 countries for adoption are the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Brazil.

As GDPR-like regulations continue to be passed throughout the world and in the wake of the Equifax and CapitalOne breaches, the United States Government and standards bodies are recognizing the need for decentralized digital identity.

In July 2019, Bloom was discussed in oral and written testimony before the United States House Committee Financial Services Task Force on Financial Technology “Examining the Use of Alternative Data in Underwriting and Credit Scoring to Expand Access to Credit”.

In addition, the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) recognized Bloom in its whitepaper on emerging blockchain identity management systems.


Technology Overview 

  • Open Source Identity: The core of Bloom Protocol is BloomID, our open source identity platform. Banks, financial institutions, among others can issue reusable credentials to BloomID users. The credentials can be anything from the verified asset or income information to multi-factor authentication tokens to enhance login security. Users have full control over what components of the credential they share with a 3rd party.
  • Fewer Data Breaches: Secure storage of user credentials is accomplished with Bloom Vault. Bloom Vault is an encrypted data store with each credential packaged for only the owner to access. Access keys, which are stored on user devices, encrypt the data for storage and decrypt it for sharing. Central institutions cannot access local user data without permission. Storing sensitive data on the user’s device and securing access with biometrics is a fundamental step to eliminate data breaches.
  • Private Aggregation: BloomIQ enables users to become their own credit bureau. With BloomIQ, users can selectively share verified information without going through a central aggregator. Users can share their Bloom data to notify their lenders, landlords, and others, of their identity and financial information. This system is user provisioned, users decide who to share the data with. Credit scoring, KYC, account onboarding, and financial access can be accomplished from this data.
  • Interoperability: The Bloom Protocol is leading conversations around global standards in the emerging digital identity transformation. Bloom has more users than any other decentralized identity platform. Bloom is a contributing member of the Decentralized Identity Foundation and W3C digital identity community groups. We are committed to building an open, user provisioned data ecosystem that enables financial inclusion and privacy.

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