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Blockstack is a decentralized computing platform and app ecosystem that puts users in control of their data and identity. Apps built on Blockstack help to prevent data breaches and trust violations. Some featured applications that have been built through the platform include BlockSurvey, Xor Drive and Sigle.

Blockstack allows developers to build blockchain apps that scale, such as comprehensive programming libraries for a wide range of environments such as web, iOS and Android. Libraries are designed to require no additional language or protocol knowledge, allowing any Javascript developers to build a Blockstack app. Blockstack abstracts all blockchain complexity into simple Javascript APIs for app builders. In addition, developers can include user registration and authentication with Blockstack IDs. Profile security is managed and enforced by the Stacks Blockchain and Blockstack Naming Service (BNS), leaving credentials and identity management in the user’s hands.

Users also assume the responsibility of their data, meaning that it’s stored in a location of their choice and not on the app developer’s servers, meaning that developers do not need to pay for database maintenance costs and can focus on improving the functionality of the app. Finally, Blockstack also provides Clarify, a decidable, interpreted smart contract language that optimizes for predictability and security. This helps developers to be certain of how their code behaves prior to pushing it into production so they do not have to worry about security issues or unexpected fees.

Overall, the Blockstack ecosystem focuses on:

  1. Privacy: All photos, messages, health records are encrypted by default. Apps won’t be able to see, access or track user activity.
  2. Owning assets: Smart contracts enable new kinds of digital assets, such as tokens and digital collectibles that can be created, owned and traded.

Owning data: All data and other assets are owned by individuals instead of by the apps they use. Users can move their data and trade and transfer assets without a need for permission from any app or company.



Learn more about Blockstack identity solutions. This report covers:

  • Solutions and Capabilities
  • Key Source Selection Criteria
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Pros and Cons
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Stakeholder Profiles
  • Major Product Milestones
  • Pricing and more

Objective of the Report:

  • To provide objective in-depth analysis for prospective buyers
  • To analyze how Blockstack fits into the identity market
  • To provide key insights into solution capabilities, key deployments, organization size, and customer success track record
  • To share developments such as regional expansions, new product launches
  • To conduct pricing analysis relative to the identity market

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