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With a heavy focus on biometrics, Accenture works with clients to help map physical IDs to digital IDs, enabling organizations to pursue new market opportunities that are part of a broader ecosystem. Biometrics and blockchain-based proof of identity give users mobility, security and control, and businesses new tools for verification and compliance. Accenture is developing a system that makes establishing, tracking and maintaining digital identities more efficient, user friendly, secure and less open to fraud.

For the past ten years, Accenture has devoted significant resources to understanding identity management systems. They offer insights into biometric R&D to delivery-at-scale, via algorithm benchmarking, device evaluation, prototyping, development of proofs of concept, live piloting, biometric governance & quality assurance, diagnostics & capability assessments and biometric strategy definitions. Accenture can help manage the process through to solution delivery through their network of more than 50 specialist vendor relationships.

Accenture’s solution is personal, private and portable, empowering individuals to access and share appropriate information when convenient and without the worry of using or losing paper documentation. To solve problems faced by people who lack official identities face, Accenture leverages its Unique Identity Service Platform to deploy a breakthrough biometrics system that can manage fingerprints, iris scans and other data. This can be applied in a number of ways.

Accenture focuses on:

  • Permanent identity record: For those who lack official forms of ID the unique identity platform on blockchain leverages a biometrics system of fingerprints, iris scans and more.
  • Diploma counterfeit prevention: Prevent certificate counterfeiting by streamlining validation and automating identification and attestation process on blockchain through mobile apps.

Biometric payment innovation: Vendor independent prototypes leverage the unique identity service platform in the cloud for large populations and locally to support remote users.



Learn more about Accenture identity solutions. This report covers:

  • Solutions and Capabilities
  • Key Source Selection Criteria
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Pros and Cons
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Stakeholder Profiles
  • Major Product Milestones
  • Pricing and more

Objective of the Report:

  • To provide objective in-depth analysis for prospective buyers
  • To analyze how Accenture fits into the identity market
  • To provide key insights into solution capabilities, key deployments, organization size, and customer success track record
  • To share developments such as regional expansions, new product launches
  • To conduct pricing analysis relative to the identity market

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