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The Internet is known to be a sea of innovation and technology; the possibilities are virtually limitless. Yet oftentimes, the correct regulations and security protocols do not keep up with the rate of expansion – leaving Internet users at risk of privacy and data breaches. As a result, it is important to understand safety protocols and seek out the right guidance. Learn more about eight privacy experts (in no particular order) that are paving the way for a safer future.

1. Daniel J Solove

8 Privacy Experts to Follow

Solove is no newcomer to the privacy scene as he has been an advocate for privacy concerns and digital rights since the early 2000s. In 2004, he published one of his first books: The Digital Person: Technology and Privacy in the Information Age – one of now ten books. Solove is currently the John Marshall Harlan Research Professor of Law at George Washington University Law School. He is also the founder and current CEO of TeachPrivacy, a privacy focused company that offers training on how to stay secure amidst the digital age. Furthermore, he was selected to be a reporter of the American Law Institute’s Principals of the Law, Data Privacy. Solove also serves on the advisory board for the EFF, another privacy-focused organization that champions privacy and digital rights.

2. Debbie Reynolds

8 Privacy Experts to Follow

Debbie Reynolds is a global data privacy and protection expert strategist. Also known as “The Data Diva,” Reynolds hosts her very own podcast titled The Data Diva Talks Privacy, which has been ranked in the top ten according to “Top 10 Data Privacy Podcasts.” She is also the founder and current CEO of her own data privacy consulting service Debbie Reynolds Consulting LLC as well as an executive founding member of Digital Directors Network. Reynolds also serves as an adjunct professor at a number of colleges including Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies. 

3. Arvind Narayanan

8 Privacy Experts to Follow

Arvind Narayanan currently teaches at Princeton University as an associate professor in the computer science department. More specifically, he states that he focuses his studies on “the impact of digital technologies on society, especially threats to privacy.” He led Princeton’s Web Transparency and Accountability Project. Narayanan is also credited with helping to write a number of publications on the matters of technology and privacy, and most notably, he has helped develop the “Do Not Track” standard. It is also important to note the release of his thesis in 2009 – “Data Privacy: the Non-interactive Setting.

4. Jules Polonetsky

8 Privacy Experts to Follow

Jules Polonetsky is one of the top privacy experts that currently serves as the CEO at the Future of Privacy Reform, a privacy and leadership focused non-profit organization. He has held the CEO position at the Future of Privacy Reform for almost fourteen years, but had his start as a politician, becoming a State Assembly Member to represent Shorefront Brooklyn in New York. Since then, Polonetsky has served as the Chief Privacy Officer and as an advisory board member at a number of organizations, such as: DoubleClick, AOL, and California Policy Lab

5. Jennifer D. Shapka

8 Privacy Experts to Follow

Jennifer Shapka is currently the ECPS Department Head and Professor of Human Development, Learning, and Culture at The University of British Columbia. Shapka primarily focuses on the crossroads between adolescent development and technology. Consequently, she has done research and completed works regarding cyberbullying and privacy concerns amongst younger Internet users. Some of her notable achievements include co-authoring the research article Cybervictimization as well as her involvement with CyberKids.

6. Eva Casey-Velasquez

8 Privacy Experts to Follow

Eva Velasquez is a privacy expert that specializes in identity theft, fraud protection, and online scams. She is the current president and CEO of Identity Theft Resource Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about online scams and providing protection services against them. Due to her expertise, Velasquez has made appearances in many notable networks, such as: CBS Mornings, The New York Times, CNBC’s American Greed, NBC Nightly News, and Fortune. She has also spoken at the Identity, Authentication, and Road Ahead Policy Forum.

7. Brian Krebs

8 Privacy Experts to Follow

Brian Krebs is recognized for his cybersecurity expertise and his investigative journalism and reports. He had worked as a reporter for The Washington Post for almost 15 years before starting his own blog titled KrebsOnSecurity. On the blog, he focuses primarily on stories related to computer security and cybercrime. He has also written a book titled Spam Nation, a piece that dives into the criminal masterminds behind spam and hack operations in the United States. 

8. Rebecca Herold

8 Privacy Experts to Follow

Rebecca Herold has more than 25 years of experience with information security and systems engineering. She is the founder and CEO of The Privacy Professor, and the co-founder of Privacy and Security Brainiacs. Herold may also be considered as an entrepreneur, as she has held co-founding positions in SaaS service businesses such as simbus360 and hipaacompliance. Furthermore, Herold has authored and co-authored almost 20 books – one of her most notable works being “Data Privacy for the Smart Grid.”


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