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Quest Software owned One Identity recently announced a partnership with identity solution Ping Identity to provide end-to-end identity management strategies and strengthen access security and control services. The partnership enables customers to combine Ping Identity’s access management technology with One Identity’s identity governance and administration (IGA) technology, two important elements to helping organizations combat cyber threats.

“One Identity has long admired our industry peer, Ping Identity, for its innovation and market leadership in authentication and access management,” said Darrell Long, Vice President of Product Management, One Identity. “Joining forces to provide end-to-end identity and access management will greatly benefit our customers and accelerate their journey to achieve identity-centered security, the core of any effective enterprise security strategy.”

One Identity Partners with Ping Identity on Identity Management

The Complexity of Hybrid Environments

According to LogicMonitor, 27% of enterprises’ workloads are expected to remain on-premises by the end of 2020, meaning that hybrid environments will remain a norm for many organizations. This means that these organizations must ensure that all data and applications across both on-premises and cloud environments are being accessed by the right users, which could include an employee, partner, contractor or supplier. This could be time-consuming for organizations in trying to provide secure and simplified and secure access in hybrid environments.

With the integration of One Identity and Ping Identity products, customers can improve both identity and access security and control while reducing complexity. Customers can seamlessly integrate Ping Identity’s single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA) and access management capabilities with One Identity Manager’s governance and identity administration, and the underlying accounts that access business systems, applications, databases, and SaaS services.

The partnership serves to provide the scalability and security to protect users, data and applications from today’s cybersecurity threats while enabling regulatory compliance. The solutions strengthen security and provide an enhanced end user experience by providing the right access to the right resources. Key combined features of the partnership include: 

  • SSO and MFA to streamline and secure access
  • Complete visibility into users and their entitlements to mitigate risks
  • Data, applications and access governance across on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments
  • User access control from any device or location
  • Increased security with stronger authentication
  • Identity lifecycle and account correlation
  • Automated account provisioning, deprovisioning and workflows
  • Self-service access request and certifications

With most employees working remotely, Ping Identity makes it simpler and safer for people to log in from their home network. By integrating One Identity’s solutions, enterprises do not need to manually set up its users’ permission and access. Removing those manual processes gives enterprises the assurance that its remote workers have the right access to the right systems. This allows IT and security departments to focus on identifying suspicious activity within the network so it can recognize a cybercriminal before it breaches the system.

“With the immense acceleration of digital transformation, today’s enterprises are recognizing identity is critical to securing anytime, anywhere work and require a solution to help deliver that seamless, mobile experience without sacrificing the security they need,” said Loren Russon, Vice President of Product Management at Ping Identity. “At Ping Identity, we are committed to doing just that by simplifying the lives of our customers and guaranteeing the right people can securely access the right things across devices without friction. One Identity shares the same ethos and dedication to securing the modern enterprise, and we’re looking forward to collaborating together to provide identity-centric security strategies.”

Ensuring Security and Protection

By removing the fragmented solutions, enterprises can increase its visibility and control over user access. This allows enterprises to put identities at the center of its security strategy. By creating a closed-loop identity-focused strategy where user authentication and access management are tied together, enterprises can have a higher level of control and security over its users. Knowing that each user has the correct access helps enterprises identify suspicious activity before anyone is able to obtain sensitive company data.

“Today’s IAM market is so large that many companies are forced to use multiple vendors to create an effective IAM strategy,” said Robert Kraczek, Global IAM Field Strategist at One Identity. “This siloed nature makes it difficult for enterprises to manage its user and superuser access, which makes it more vulnerable to an attack. Since IAM and IGA are capabilities that every company needs, our partnership with Ping Identity creates a more effective and forward-looking approach for enterprises to manage its identity-centric security strategy.”

One Identity is also currently working with Ping Identity to iterate a variety of solutions that customers can use to create a more holistic identity-centric security strategy. Their goal is to help enterprises simplify and streamline its work in the IAM market.

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