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Okta, an enterprise identity provider, recently announced enhancements to its cloud reliability and uptime, offering 99.99% uptime to all customers.

“We’ve laid the foundation for a new standard of reliability across the cloud industry not only for the betterment of our customers, but any organization pursuing digital transformation,” said Todd McKinnon, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Okta. “Identity is critical to how organizations operate daily and engage with their customers, and we have always viewed the Okta Identity Cloud’s reliability as a tremendous asset for our customers. Now more than ever, organizations need greater assurances that the technologies powering their businesses and customer experiences will not be compromised. That’s why moving forward, every single Okta customer can benefit from a cloud infrastructure designed to offer zero downtime.”

The Increasing Demand for Cloud Technologies

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation has been accelerated around the world. Workforces are now relying on the cloud to maintain operations while consumers are turning to digital experiences to interact with products and services.

According to Adobe’s 2020 Digital Economy Index, e-commerce levels from April and May 2020 were higher than digital spending from the 2019 holiday season. This trend is only expected to continue during the pandemic in addition to the fading concept of working within the confines of a traditional office. In addition, 74% of CFOs intend to shift at least some of their workforce to remote positions permanently, according to a Gartner CFO Survey. This new dependency has put the reliability, scalability, and security of technology to the test, making the consequences of cybercrime or downtime, destructive to both productivity and revenue.

Okta’s infrastructure is designed to deliver performance and trusted security at scale. The Okta Identity Cloud is powered by an architecture stack, a focus on continuous innovation, and highly responsive monitoring to address any issues, all with zero downtime maintenance. This infrastructure offers 99.99% uptime for all customers, enabling IT, security and development teams to serve the needs of their organizations and customer bases. 

Okta Upgrades Cloud Reliability

“Okta is the identity company that stands for trust and that starts with the reliability of our technology,” said Hector Aguilar, President of Technology, Okta. “This is why we’ve set an aggressively high bar for availability and are enabling our customers with 99.99% uptime. This unprecedented capability, built into every layer of our infrastructure, has resulted in our industry-leading track record of being ‘Always On.’ We know how critical service reliability is to our customers across the world creating seamless and secure identity experiences and we’re committed to setting the industry standard.”

Future Plans for Okta’s Technologies

As more and more companies continue to move their businesses online, identity will become centerfold, as it provides the foundation of a modern security architecture and is fundamental to safely enable future workforce and consumer experiences.

Recently, Okta also created FastPass, a passwordless login experience across devices, applications and operating systems.

“While passwords have proved themselves as a necessity in the past, they have also shown to be productivity and time wasters for employees,” said Aguilar. “This, coupled with the fact that they create vulnerabilities and increase risks for IT and security teams, is why it’s important for our team to continue to discover ways to improve the systems of the past to fit seamlessly into the current digital economy.”

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