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NFTGamerTV is one of many communities with the core goal of increasing crypto-literacy, conducting interviews via Discord streams to hold lessons on cryptocurrencies, web3 and blockchain projects, and the metaverse. Keeping in their pedagogic routines, the community has recently decided to build a project designed to educate through a Learn to Earn (L2E) platform that will enable users to learn and verify their education on the blockchain. 

NFTGamerTV: A History of Crypto Education

A longstanding community focused on accessibility, NFTGamerTV publishes their interviews—most notably with Warsaken and Miss Crypto Teen—with the intention of helping their viewership understand up-and-coming crypto projects. Though its current approach has been successful and garnered significant attention, NFTGamerTV sought a platform more proprietary—and one that allows members to learn at their own pace.  

A Learn to Earn platform is precisely what it sounds like: a platform where users are rewarded for learning about preset information and verified on a digital ledger (in this case, a blockchain). In exchange for learning about a game or platform, NFTGamerTV’s platform will grant users uniquely-coded NFTs and their utility token. 

Beta Release and NFTGamerTV’s Take on Gamification

NFTGamerTV will release the beta platform this coming June. Initially, the community plans to airdrop a beta-pass NFT to existing top members of their Discord on a case-by-case basis. The beta will feature classes primarily on Wax 101 and Defi 101, though they hope to expand their content in the future.

 The Wax essentials curriculum will show users how to set up a wallet and stake on the delegated proof of stake model (DPOS), likewise focusing on how to function within DPOS, transferring assets and using its marketplace. NFTGamerTV’s introduction to DeFi will cover essential topics within the space, namely user safety. In this specific series, the company will highlight the risks behind staking and liquidity pool provision, alongside lessons about staking to a verified source and ensuring smart contracts exist in order to reclaim stake. 

The company is also looking to expand their curriculum to include decentralized games, the first of which being Upland and the Eos chain. Lessons will describe how to get started, play and delve into important functions of the game, like transferring property.

NFTGamerTV’s Spin on a Token-Reward Model 

Members of this platform will, as aforementioned, be rewarded with NFTs and utility tokens akin to other L2E models. But NFTGamerTV takes even the token model to a more gamified level—users will maximize their rewards through a feature called  “mentors.” 

Mentors will be pre-minted NFTs representing real-time experts that can be purchased from the organization’s genesis pack drop; members can select from different mentor NFTs before they go into a lesson. Based on which mentor they choose, rewards vary. Users can complete lessons without a mentor, but the rewards—utility tokens, scarce NFT traits for Avatars and more—will not be as large. The game is to choose the mentor they believe will help them complete the lesson and maximize their output.

Users will receive badges that serve as proof for successfully completed courses. Badges will appear alongside member’s names in the Discord server, allowing new users to see who they should request advice from when starting a new lesson. 

The Future of Crypto and Resumes

NFTGamerTV’s edifying approach to the web3 ecosystem sets them apart from other communities as they build-out an interactive platform to teach about various facets of the blockchain. They further aim to revolutionize the world of certification and resumes with NFTs, engendering a new era of communicating expertise.

A demo of the product can be found here.


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