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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the world of web3 by storm. Their appeal to artists and investors have helped push the asset into the mainstream spotlight, and NFT projects such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club have turned heads as celebrities continue to join the club. As the industry continues to grow and projects continue to multiply, it is important for investors to know where to put their money. We’ve compiled a list of NFT consultancies that will help you make the right investments. 


  1. Crowdcreate

Top NFT Consultancies You Should Know About

Marketing itself as the “leading marketing agency for crypto, NFT, gaming, and Web3”, Crowdcreate is an NFT consultancy that offers various services to clients, such as: Advisory and Strategy, NFT marketing, Influencer/PR marketing, and NFT consulting. They also link a few consulting guides on their website. The agency has compiled and displayed a list of clients that they have previously worked with, including The Sandbox, Yield Guild, and Animoca Brands.


  1. Coinbound

Top NFT Consultancies You Should Know About

Coinbound is a consulting firm that focuses on crypto and NFTs. On its website, it states that the company “specializes in NFT marketing strategies like social media management, community management, digital PR, and content marketing.” Coinbound has also worked with partners such as crypto wallet Metamask and NFT collection Generative Dungeons. The latter has a trading volume of 3.4k ethereum which is listed on OpenSea.


  1. X10 Agency

x10 logo

Yet another marketing agency in the world of NFT consultancies, X10 acts as a launchpad for aspiring developers. Additionally, the company also offers services for DeFi, STO, and IEO/ICO projects. On their website, they list some of their partners such as CoinDesk and HitBTC, and the company is based in Russia – growing a stronger presence as one of the leading NFT consultancies in the EMEA region. 


  1. NeoReach

NeoReach logo

NeoReach is a marketing agency that heavily utilizes social media and influencer campaigns to drive brands’ awareness. The company has expanded into crypto and NFT marketing campaigns in order to help launch projects in the Web3 space. NeoReach can be considered a consultancy as they derive market strategies, structure the projects, and run promotions. According to their website, NeoReach has previous experiences working with companies such as Netflix, Robinhood, and Clash.


  1. Inoru

Inoru logo

Labeling itself as a “business-class NFT & Crypto Development Services”, Inoru offers NFT consulting services all the way from Smart contract development to discord marketing strategies. The company features highly-customizable solutions for its web3 clients, as well as offering pre-built structure and strategies for applications that offer an already popular service (such as Uber)


  1. CryptoPR

Crypto PR logo

CryptoPR is a marketing agency for NFT and DeFi projects, and they primarily focus on press releases, endorsement and shilling services, advertorials and features, and international campaigns. Their website states that CryptoPR can get a project promoted on big crypto news sites such as MarketWatch and Yahoo Finance. The agency has previously worked with names such as Binance and etoro


  1. First NFT Agency

Top NFT Consultancies You Should Know About

Founded in 2020, First NFT Agency (FNA) primarily focuses on the actual minting and creation of the NFTs rather than the marketing side. They aim to make NFTs more mainstream by making it accessible and possible for artists to create their own collections with ease. FNA also features its own NFT project titled Blockhain Heroes, listed on OpenSea.


  1. FireCask

Top NFT Consultancies You Should Know About

Located in Manchester, FireCask is a marketing agency that specializes in SEO, web-development, and digital marketing. They have also opened up a new service that primarily targets NFT marketing and promotion – offering consulting from market research all the way to market strategies and brand partnerships. FireCask has experience working with various brands and artists, including NFT artist BossLogic.


  1. Blockchain App Factory 

Top NFT Consultancies You Should Know About

Blockchain App Factory primarily focuses on the development of NFT games and helps clients develop and launch their own playable games. Additionally, their website also offers NFT, DeFi, ICO/STO/IDO services. The company maintains global offices in multiple countries, including Japan, Australia, and India


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