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Narrative, an enterprise data streaming company, announced last Wednesday its partnership with Infutor, a data-driven consumer identity management company, to integrate Infutor’s Total Mobile Ad IDs solution into Narrative’s marketplace. Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) and hashed email address identity markers serve as anonymous identifiers that protect consumers’ personally identifiable information (PII) and have risen as alternative avenues of reaching digital consumers. Powered by Infutor’s TrueSourceTM Digital Device Graph, this addition will allow Narrative clients to have access to 350 million digital devices and 2 billion MAID/hashed email pairs.

“Marketers need to better understand their prospects and customers, and they need an elegant way to connect all these disparate identifiers,” said Nick Jordan, founder, and CEO of Narrative. “By using the rich mobile data provided by Infutor’s Total Mobile Ad IDs, Narrative’s marketplace clients can tap those insights that will help expand their ability to reach consumers across mobile devices, create consistent omni-channel messaging, improve onboarding rates for digital and programmatic targeting, and empower device linking and identity resolution.”

Utilizing Digital Identity for Consumer Behavior Insights and Behavior

Every time a consumer uses a device or channel to interact with a brand or company, a different identifier such as an email address, device ID, IP address or phone number is attributed to that individual. North American consumers alone will have 5.0 billion networked devices by 2023, according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index. This means that it is up to brands and marketers to understand which identifiers belong to which consumers, and what their various signals and behaviors mean.

“As reliance on third-party cookies declines and the focus on people-based marketing increases, getting identity resolution right is critical to today’s marketing strategies,” said Gary Walter, CEO of Infutor. “We are excited to partner with Narrative, as our Total Mobile Ad ID solution’s robust dataset further enhances the Narrative data streaming platform enabling brands and marketers to extend their digital reach and deliver better individual customer experiences.”

Infutor’s Digital Identity Solution for Narrative

Infutor is focused on enabling its brands to gain access to information about consumers and using it to make informed marketing and risk mitigation decisions. Infutor’s Total Mobile Ad ID solution includes a privacy-compliant, permissibly-obtained Mobile Ad ID and hashed email (MD5, SHA1 and SHA256) database and Confidence Scores on the recency and frequency of MAID/hashed pairings so marketers will know the probability of a pair being active. By linking Infutor’s anonymous digital identity technologies to first-party CRM data, Narrative says they will improve their audience segmentation, personalized messaging and digital and programmatic onboarding rates while also protecting personally identifiable information (PII).

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