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Today’s tech industry has been heavily defined by the use of consumer data. Whether that involves targeted advertising campaigns or curated content algorithms, understanding how to leverage the power of data while following industry regulation is integral to the success of many tech industry companies, including SMS marketing company Mobiz.

About Mobiz

Founded in 2014 by two digital marketing professionals, Mobiz is a South African-based SMS marketing engagement platform. The company provides dynamic marketing technology that empowers enterprises to engage their audiences by reaching customers through personalized mobile campaigns and landing pages delivered via SMS text. With support from Kalon Venture Partners, Havaic and Alchemist Accelerator, Mobiz has grown immensely over the last six years, having launched over 3,000 campaigns per month for over a hundred brands, including 50 large global enterprises such as Burger King, Experian and Multichoice, reaching $6 million in annual recurring revenue this year.

The Mobiz Platform

Mobiz’s platform is a click-and-create mobile campaign creator that allows enterprises to design content experiences to reach and engage their customers. This creation tool, partnered with Mobiz’s real-time analytical tools, allows companies to make insightful decisions to optimize their marketing campaigns.

To turn text messages into multimedia landing pages, Mobiz developed proprietary SmartSMS technology that utilizes embedded links in standard SMS messages to provide personalized microsites for each message recipient.

In order to elevate and curate mobile marketing campaigns for their clients, Mobiz makes use of a comprehensive database of first party mobile consumer data. The data is obtained through social media campaigns, websites, points of sale, newsletter sign-ups and rewards programs. In light of Apple’s ban on the use of third-party data and trackers on its products starting in 2021, Mobiz’s focus on the use of first party data gives businesses the ability to directly connect, build and utilize their own consumer data. Leveraging this data is key to the success of Mobiz’s campaigns. Furthermore, in the grand scheme of the digital world and data economy, the use of consumer data is also key to the success of nearly all digital marketing strategies.

In particular, Mobiz leverages a brand’s own first party data to dynamically generate and host the millions of personalized microsites for each individual user in real time and effectively consolidate them to be deliverable via an SMS channel. This means that companies can choose specific personalizations and features as a foundation that Mobiz’s platform can use to build unlimited instances of a campaign that are each curated to an individual customer.

Mobiz also uses first party data to offer detailed audience targeting and segmentation. Once a company imports its customer database into Mobiz’s system, the platform provides audience filtration and segmentation tools based on location, gender, demographics, language, buying behavior, account balance and more. A company also can set up a custom filter in order to perfectly target exactly who it wants to. In conjunction with Mobiz’s campaign hyper-personalization, this helps to maximize campaign efficacy and impact.

The Future of Digital Marketing

In today’s technological landscape, marketers have found themselves struggling to connect with their consumers. This is due to the overflowing consumer inboxes and the oversaturation of the email marketing economy, the lack of credibility in many brands’ social media presence for audience engagement, as well as the oversimplification and underuse of SMS marketing.

Through Mobiz’s platform, the company reports that their clients have experienced 20 times more engagement than ordinary email and SMS campaigns, and four times more sales conversions than Facebook and Google. They validated these results through over half a billion customer engagements across over 10,000 campaigns, which reflects Mobiz’s measurable successes in the impact of consumer data-driven multimedia SMS marketing.

As the data economy has shifted focus from solely profiting to balancing business, elevated user experience and convenience as well as increasing transparency, new approaches to digital marketing must be explored in order to reach untapped audiences. By exploring innovation in SMS marketing, Mobiz offers a personalized and feature-rich experience for enterprises and their customers alike.


Serena He is a Tech Innovation Fellow from the University of Southern California who is interested in AI and the intersection of design and technology. She enjoys covering news across the digital identity and tech space.

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