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Karlsgate, a secure data collaboration company, announced the release of its first zero-trust required data sharing platform, Karlsgate Identity Exchange.

Karlsgate Identity Exchange uses a distributed network architecture to bring together all of the capabilities of technology to support modern, secure consumer data collaboration. The platform ensures personal data never leaves a company’s data environment, uses a virtual facilitator for data matching and allows companies to find data partners.

“The legacy infrastructure for data sharing leaves risky gaps in consumer identity protection because it relies on moving Personal Data around the digital marketing ecosystem,” said Brian Mullin, Co-Founder and CEO at Karlsgate. “Karlsgate Identity Exchange represents a new paradigm for securely sharing and matching data sets without transferring data custody to any third party.”

How Karlsgate Technology Is Different

Karlsgate Identity Exchange ensures security and privacy compliance through Crypto Identity, a patent-pending technology empowering zero-trust data sharing.

Cryptoidentity links identities in one data set to the matching identities within another data set. Using single-use pseudonymized tokens and a distributed network architecture, it is able to do this without exposing personal data. The only requirement is that there is one common unique identifier in the data set.

This technology is more secure than alternates for a couple major reasons. It allows organizations to maintain data custody since customer identities no longer leave customer environments. Cryptoidentity also increases customer privacy protection by utilizing single-use pseudonymized tokens to maximize privacy. Finally, the process streamlines data sharing through a collaborative portal, removing the need for lengthy testing agreements and processes.

Why This Platform Is Needed Now More Than Ever

In 2019, over 4 billion records were breached, implying a growing security concern in relation to personal information. Through ensuring data is more protected using Cryptoidentity, Karlsgate’s new technology is helping fulfill this need.

“Clients need a way to orchestrate any form of data or identity at any digital or offline endpoint, all while protecting and maintaining control over their data,” said Chandos Quill, Chief Strategy & Development Officer at Adstra. “Karlsgate Identity Exchange is unique in the market and we’re excited to be partnering with them to provide a secure data sharing option for our clients.”

Karlsgate’s Developing Customer Base

The Karlsgate Identity Exchange aims to offer companies an easier and more secure solution. One identity company, Acxiom, is particularly grateful for the technology.

“Clients continue to ask Acxiom to innovate with secure, efficient approaches to sharing data with their partners and third-parties,” said David Skinner, Chief Strategy Officer at Acxiom. “Karlsgate Identity Exchange was instrumental in helping us enhance a media client’s database without requiring them to share their subscriber information.”


Sarah Raza is a Tech Innovation Fellow with a background in computer science from Stanford. She is passionate about exploring the implications of increased usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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