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IDEMIA is a company focused on providing augmented identity solutions for an increasingly digital world. Augmented identity aims to be enhanced and adaptable, providing a trusted environment where citizens and consumers can perform their critical day-to-day activities. IDEMIA products are used by other companies as well as governments such as Aadhar India’s.

Verification and Secure Products for Enterprises

IDEMIA provides products to financial institutions, mobile operators, biometric device companies and automotive companies. Some of their products, such as the ID Screen, are utilized across all of these industries.

Financial Institutions


The company’s major product sold to banks is a range of biometric payment cards called F.CODE. These fully EMV compliant cards allow customers to authorize payments through the fingerprint sensors embedded in the cards. The sensors turn the fingerprint into a 4-digit pin. An individual’s identity is verified when IDEMIA’s algorithm matches the fingerprint to the template stored in the card.

Currently, IDEMIA is the first company to deploy a full range of cards that allow both contact and contactless payments.

They also provide a range of other products in the finance industry, including an authentication software called DACS, an EMVCo compliant easy-to-use SRC system, a set of card plans and much more.

Mobile Operators


For mobile operators, IDEMIA provides a multitude of SIM card-related products. They offer cards specialized for 5G and low power networks as well as non-removable eSIM cards. They also provide an Eco SIM product range. This ensures that they can provide mobile companies with the option that works best for them.

The eSIM is embedded in a device at the manufacturing stage and is later configured and managed via an Over-The-Air connection. This product not only allows for sleeker design options but also makes it easier to bring connectivity to more devices. IDEMIA manages the product and ensures automated provisioning for eSIM connected devices through their line of smart connect products.

Biometric Device Companies

Vision Pass

IDEMIA provides a line of MorphoAccess SIGMA series products that use biometrics as a security pass. These products are offered at a range of price points. The underlying fingerprint technology is consistently ranked No. 1 by NIST.

They also provide Vision Pass, a facial recognition access control device. They combine 2D/3D/IR cameras with IDEMIA’s latest advances in AI to offer a high level of security and user convenience.

Automotive Companies

IDEMIA provides car makers and suppliers with PEARL Auto, an embedded hardware that protects the car’s electronics from cyberattacks. The technology also allows the car to make encrypted connections with cloud-based services. These connections happen through a combination of eSIM cards and M-Connect cloud services.

Identity Solutions for Government

IDEMIA also aims to provide governments with the capability to create Mobile ID, save all ID documents electronically, and utilize selfie-check technology.

The goal is for every citizen to have the Mobile ID app on their personal device. Using the selfie match technology, the application is unlocked. Then, the user can choose to share as much information as necessary for a transaction. For example, if the user wants to buy alcohol, they can simply show their name and age without revealing any other personal information.

The selfie check technology uses the phone’s camera in combination with facial recognition software to identify an individual. When verifying, the phone asks the user to move their head in order to confirm that they are real and alive.

All this is a part of IDEMIA’s robust identity management system called IDway. The program is flexible, allowing deployment based on what the government already has in place. It aims to keep citizens at the center of the ecosystem, guaranteeing that they can have privacy, security and convenience.

The Impact of IDEMIA’s Technology

IDEMIA’s impact is already widespread. They are making over 2.3 billion euros in revenue and have over 1500 active patent families. Furthermore, IDEMIA is accredited for the world’s largest biometric deployment in Aadhaar, India. Their IDWay solution has benefitted over 1.3 billion people there.

IDEMIA has a wide range of products suited to the needs of a diverse set of companies. As governments work to modernize bureaucratic processes and companies continue to innovate, IDEMIA’s product range will continue to grow. All this speaks to the steadfast future IDEMIA has ahead of them. With a wide range of adaptable products, IDEMIA is expanding in all directions.


Sarah Raza is a Tech Innovation Fellow with a background in computer science from Stanford. She is passionate about exploring the implications of increased usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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