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Digital identity provider ForgeRock introduces new automation capabilities to deliver simplified, secure digital experiences for organizations. Customers will have access to new cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities as part of the ForgeRock Identity Platform, which simplifies identity verification so people can get to what they want faster while still protecting an organization’s security and an individual’s privacy.

“This wave of new innovation contains some of the most exciting breakthroughs that will help organizations accelerate their digital transformation initiatives as we adjust to a new normal of work and life,” said Peter Barker, Chief Product Officer of ForgeRock. “This new ForgeRock Identity Platform release is defined by new solutions that are smart, automated and harness the power of data to combat pain points like forgotten passwords and abandoned shopping carts. ForgeRock Autonomous Identity will give customers major relief by automating half of all access and governance tasks that currently slow down teams.”

ForgeRock Identity Platform includes full-suite IAM, identity governance and administration (IGA) capabilities and the ability to be implemented across an organization for all identities. It also offers feature parity across delivery options, including any cloud environment.

Developing New Solutions for the ForgeRock Brand

The new solutions from ForgeRock enable enterprises to quickly manage access for the information and apps that employees and consumers need, without compromising security. These solutions include:

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity

Today, risk management staff within IT teams manage thousands of requests for access to information and applications, which can be a tedious and manual process. ForgeRock’s AI-driven identity analytics solution helps organizations quickly understand who has access to what information and why, while giving teams the tools they need to take action based on confidence scores to reduce risk. ForgeRock customers can now slash administrative tasks by automating over 50% of manual access approvals that bog down organizations today.

ForgeRock Identity Platform

With updated features, this new release simplifies IAM, giving organizations the tools needed to provide friction-free digital experiences securely. ForgeRock’s new Self Service Trees allow users to manage their own identities such as registration onboarding, profile updates and more to reduce help desk calls. In addition, the platform’s new Integrated Password Reset feature combats shopping cart abandonment, a significant problem that results from inconveniences such as recovering a password while checking out and has cost online retailers $18 billion a year according to Forrester. ForgeRock Go enables organizations to authenticate users with any authenticator present on the user’s device that supports WebAuthN. The user is recognized using authenticators that support resident keys, such as biometrics, and immediately gains access to the account, ending the need for people to recall a username and password to log-in to a website.

ForgeRock Identity Cloud

Customers from finance, healthcare and retail sectors deploy ForgeRock’s industry-first identity platform as a cloud-delivered service. The Identity Cloud provides a no-compromise solution that offers a full-suite of identity capabilities required by large enterprises, with the flexibility to consume as a service, or deploy anywhere with the push of a button. Additionally, it provides the benefits of an on-premises deployment from a multi-tenant cloud service, including customer data isolation to provide security and scalability.

Collaborating with Accenture Security

By bringing real-time AI to the ForgeRock platform, customers will be provided with more personalized, secure and efficient digital experiences. The company’s autonomous identity capability was made possible through a collaboration with Accenture Security.

“As millions of employees continue to work from home, managing user privileges has become even more complex. Innovative approaches, such as artificial intelligence, can help address the fluid nature of user access rights and increase efficiency as well as reduce costs,” said Rex Thexton, Managing Director, Applied Cybersecurity Services Lead at Accenture. “Working with ForgeRock, we’re helping clients achieve cyber resilience by leveraging an innovative, automated, and simple permissions solution that can provide better visibility across an organization’s entire network and proactively identify risks.”

“Joining forces with Accenture allowed us to get to market faster with a solution that will help organizations stay compliant and keep their workforces productive more efficiently,” said Barker. “We leveraged autonomous identity capabilities through a collaboration with Accenture Security, who developed and incubated the technology at Accenture’s flagship R&D and global innovation center.”

Looking Toward the Future

According to Barker, he sees ForgeRock’s solutions being used for large enterprises looking for identity capabilities, such as passwordless authentication, access management and autonomous identity. He also sees industries such as government agencies, telecommunications and media, and auto and smart mobility benefitting from these solutions. However, regardless of industry, the way that people interact with digital applications and services is changing.

“In the recently released ForgeRock Consumer Identity Breach Report, we found that 2.8 billion consumer data records were exposed in 2019, at an estimated cost of $654 billion. Enterprises must balance security, data privacy and the user experience to protect their employees, customers, and intellectual property while maintaining a frictionless experience. Any organizations touching digital identity must navigate this conflict and find ways to grant users control of their data without making the experience so cumbersome that it hinders productivity.”

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