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Ernst and Young Canada, a consulting and tax services company in Canada, announced its partnership with boutique digital identity firm IDMSense. In response to the growing cybersecurity threat, IDMSense specializes in Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions as well as Identity Management software for large companies around the globe.

IDM Sense: One of Many Hands

EY at large has expanded its investments portfolio notably in recent years. As user count on digitized services increases, they introduce more data, therefore creating “more cybersecurity risk to their businesses every day as digital acceleration advances,” according to Linda Willaims, a managing partner at Ernst and Young.

She continues, “Digital Identity solutions are foundational to any information security program, allowing organizations to manage and control access to data. We’re excited to welcome top talent into EY to help protect what matters most to our clients.”

However, IDMSense’s entrance is precedented in the grand scheme of things. Their team will join more than 6,000 cybersecurity practitioners throughout the world to deliver secure identity services.

“We’re proud of the advanced service capability that we’ve built,” said Omer Arshed, IDMSense Managing Director. “And now, together with local and global EY networks of skilled cybersecurity practitioners, we look forward to bringing entirely new possibilities to clients.”

Tried and True Strategy

As EY enters the compliance and resilience spheres, effectively managing cyber risk is an ever-salient question. IDMSense offers their unique form of PAM technology, which is software that ensures credentials when a user is trying to access privileged accounts or information on a business database. Their partnership with EY bodes well, as a recent EY survey states that over two-thirds of businesses are experiencing more attack attempts. As COVID-19 continues to throw the world for a whirl, this number is expected to rise.

“As our clients’ cyber threat landscape continues to grow, IDMSense’s expertise will enhance our capabilities to help businesses better protect against insider threats and external cyber attacks through the lifecycle management of digital identities for their people, systems and services,” said Yoga Applraju, EY Cybersecurity Leader. “Having an effective digital identity solution can help businesses reduce cyber risk and operational costs, while enhancing digital platforms to improve end-user satisfaction.”


Olivia Baker is a Tech Innovation Fellow at Identity Review from Columbia University, where she writes on tech policy and national digital identity technologies.

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