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Enzoic, a compromised credential screening solutions company, recently announced a partnership with OneLogin, a cloud-based identity management provider. The collaboration aims to provide an integrated service that ensures credential security by integrating Enzoic’s credentials screening service with OneLogin’s SmartFactor Authentication product.

“Preventing the use of exposed credentials is the key to shoring up password vulnerabilities,” said Josh Horwitz, COO, Enzoic. “As the number of breaches and cyber attacks show no sign of abating, it’s critical that organizations take steps to protect against this threat by screening credentials. We are excited to partner with OneLogin to deliver this peace of mind to its customers that use SmartFactor Authentication.”

The Importance of Preventing Stolen Credentials

According to Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, stolen credentials are involved in 29% of data breaches, and 80% of hacking-related branches are in part due to compromised credentials. This data shows that insecure credentials often lead to successful attacks and that obtaining credentials are often the goal of these attacks. Consequently, this data also demonstrates that credential security is key to preventing successful attacks.

By integrating the Enzoic API, this partnership with OneLogin aims to reduce the risk of insecure credentials. OneLogin’s new service screens every password a user creates against Enzoic’s live database, which contains multiple billions of exposed username and password combinations. If the credentials don’t pass the screening, the system asks the user to create a new password. By ensuring that users are using safe credentials, OneLogin and Enzoic are striving to reduce the risk of data breaches. Moreover, the companies are aiming to ensure that  minimal user experience is sacrificed in the process.

Cybersecurity Moving Forward

According to a survey done by the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, 58% of business owners have been victims of cyber attacks. Furthermore, as our world continues to become more digitized, this number is only projected to increase as there will be more data for hackers to obtain from digital attacks. Therefore, services such as the ones Enzoic and OneLogin are providing will continue to be crucial.

In light of more frequent and dangerous cyber attacks, states in America such as California have banned default passwords for devices with internet access. This effort to make credentials more secure through government regulation indicates the increasing importance of credential security in a world where there are more subtle and stealthy cyber attackers.

“Cybersecurity threats are a part of our digital world,” said Venkat Sathyamurthy, Chief Product Officer OneLogin.“By integrating Enzoic’s intelligent technology, we’re preventing our users from inadvertently deploying credentials that have already been breached and exposed on the Dark Web. As a result, the risk of account takeover from compromised credentials is reduced while ensuring that the authentication process remains smooth for our customers.”


Sarah Raza is a Tech Innovation Fellow with a background in computer science from Stanford. She is passionate about exploring the implications of increased usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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