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Download, print, sign, scan and email. Until just a couple of years ago, this was the long, tedious process most had to go through just to sign and send a document online. Now, that has changed.

In this age of growing technological innovation, signing documents online using touch, mouse or even typing has become increasingly popular. While this advent has led to improvements for user experience, it has also brought about a security concern. A look through the cases dealing with e-signatures shows that a digital trail is far from enough to defend the authority of a digital signature, and that putting together a winning case for the signatory is quite difficult with electronic products. This data is unsurprisingafterall, forging an electronic signature is as simple as copying and pasting some text.

DeskTrading, a Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) company, recently announced that they have employed an eSign technology that will help solve this problem. The company has found a way to simplify the signing process while also adding an additional level of security when users execute transactions via the XDesk trading platform.

How eSign Technology Works

DeskTrading’s eSign technology quickly verifies the identities of signatories via a user-friendly interface. This allows clients to sign documents and authorize transactions within seconds without the need for any additional hardware.

A simple google search for how long it takes for clients to sign a contract shows thousands of results, all of which seem to be centered around getting contracts signed faster. These search results are indicative of how long customer acquisition cycles can be due to inefficient contract signing processes. DeskTrade is trying to solve an important issue by making it possible to conclude an agreement in a few seconds. The fact that clients can now be geographically independent and gain immediate access to the appropriate services are additional positives.

The Other Advantages

Beyond these advantages, the most significant impact of this technology is increased protection because DeskTrading is now capable of setting permission-based security levels. This means that at both the company and client level, each signee must pass through an authentication process. This greatly reduces the possibility of counterfeiting because only authorized personnel are able to sign the document.  

Click and sign. Taking advantage of light-speed electronic signatures, DeskTrading aims to make signing an increasingly secure and fast process. Both DeskTrade and clients will be benefiting from the increased efficiency.


Sarah Raza is a Tech Innovation Fellow with a background in computer science from Stanford. She is passionate about exploring the implications of increased usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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