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Earlier this month, digital identity solution provider Cozera launched ID-Go, a digital identity credential and verification service, with the help of Advantis Credit Union. The service aims to fix a longtime problem of companies that require routine digital identity verification by providing fraud protection and a frictionless consumer experience in one place. This can be useful for financial, healthcare, travel and other industries where proof of identity may be required.

How It Works

Cozera’s ID-Go serves as a comprehensive solution to eliminate the hassle of putting together a complete identity verification, authentication and fraud prevention service by leveraging the power of AI, machine learning biometrics, cryptography and encryption. As a form of user-centric digital identity, ID-Go runs on three main principles: persistence, privacy, and portability. 

The three main principles of ID-Go. Source:

The three main principles of ID-Go. Source:

First, the solution only requires one-time enrollment after which the ID-Go credential continues to provide a verified identity for the user and the companies they interact with. The solution continues accumulating credentials to ensure that the credential is always current and valid. Second, through the use of an embedded environment of security measures, users are always in control of personally identifiable information. Third, ID-Go is designed with interoperability in mind, allowing the service to be used wherever and however users interact with companies, regardless of whether it is in-person, online, via call or through video kiosks.

Applications and Use Cases

The ID-Go credential is captured using a biometrically-enabled smartphone, making the accumulated user identity verifications accessible and usable in multiple situations. For instance, by capturing a common one-time enrollment like TSA PreCheck, ID-Go can use the saved credential to create a hassle-free experience for consumers to quickly pass through a company’s verification screening later on. In other cases, users will no longer have to repeat the last four digits of their social security number or mother’s maiden name for every call or visit to a bank or other financial institution.

Given the common and constant need for identity verification in the sector, Cozera is first targeting financial institutions, specifically focusing on credit unions, regional banks and community banks.

“We discovered there was a real need by credit unions to achieve this consumer experience and security balancing act,” said Cozera founder and CEO Abrar Ahmed. “We worked very closely with our credit union partners to develop the product and they have responded with investment and service contracts.”

So far, the company has worked with organizations including Advantis, Rivermark Community credit union and Unitus Community credit union. These companies have come together to form a Technology Innovation Alliance (TIA) and Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that help Cozera better understand the needs and requirements of the credit unions and their members and conduct pilot programs.

“The ID-Go credential fulfills a need we couldn’t find with any other solution provider,” said Jason Werts, CEO of Advantis. “It was essential that Advantis and the other TIA credit unions partnered with a provider focused on delivering an exceptional service experience while also maintaining our high level of security and convenience. In our initial pilot testing, we found the average time savings to verify an identity using ID-Go through our member solutions center was 60%. Along with a more seamless verification process, that also translates into cost savings.”

Rivermark and Unitus Community credit unions are readying to launch ID-Go with online, in-branch, call center and video teller channels. In the future, Cozera aims to expand the ID-Go solution for compatible use in healthcare, utilities, telecommunications and more companies.


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