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The Cayman Islands Government recently issued a request for proposals to develop a national ID system. The e-Government team in the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure is hoping to roll out a complete national identification system by the end of the year. The team was created in 2014 for the purpose of helping the government develop digital products and services.

“The National ID card will be an easy, durable and convenient way to present personal information without the need to carry multiple documents,” said Ian Tibbetts, Director of the e-Government team.

The Importance of ID

A complete and seamless identification system is the foundation of effective and inclusive government services. Developing countries in Africa have identified identity-for-all as a necessary component to ensuring equal access and unlocking economic potential, as those who lack identification also lack the means to get jobs, open bank accounts or access government aid during crises like the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“Getting information and vital services to Caymanians and residents digitally has never been more important,” said Joey Hew, Minister of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure. “By implementing modern solutions that are customer-focused and which allow customer data to be securely exchanged across government entities, we aim to improve access to government services for Caymanians, residents and businesses in a way that enables the growth of our local digital economy.”

The hope is to give each resident of the Cayman Islands a government-issued photo identification card that states the holder’s Cayman immigration status. In addition, the government is also hoping to integrate a digital identity component so users can verify their identity online and sign documents digitally.

The Cayman Islands Government has long worked toward expansion of their suite of digital services since the establishment of the e-Government Unit in 2014. In recent years, new services have migrated online, such as an online application for naturalization or registration as a British Overseas Territories Citizen or a digital Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing portal.


Lydia You is a computer scientist from Princeton University living in New York City. She is a Tech Innovation Fellow at Identity Review covering the intersection of global tech policy, internet culture and the future of digital media.

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