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Early this year, BioConnect launched BioConnect Link, an enterprise-grade security solution that enables organizations to leverage IT-approved mobile authenticators such as Duo, PingID, Okta and BioConnect Mobile for physical access. The solution is designed to allow users to use their mobile phones to bring higher security to any door, data center, network closet, server cabinet and other equipment.

BioConnect Link sends smart, rules-based step-up requests to a user’s mobile for added security without requiring the replacement of existing access control systems, readers or cards. An on-premise install securely syncs user data with access control providers such as Genetec, Lenel, AMAG, SoftwareHouse, Brivo, Open Options and many others.

“It’s as easy as connecting it to a power source and connecting it through a Wiegand wire, which many enterprises already have if they have HIV readers that you either have to tap your fob or a card to get into offices,” said Christina Cardella, Senior Marketing Manager. “It also integrates into the top 80% of the access control market. So if you’re using some type of access control software, this will integrate into it.”

The solution has evolved alongside the COVID-19 Global Health Crisis to address the challenges enterprises face to safely reopen by including a new mobile Wellness Declaration Survey. Users can complete the wellness survey from anywhere at any point in time. If a user has not completed the survey that day prior to arriving at your location, they will be prompted to complete the survey upon tapping their card at the door. This allows for a detailed audit-log for enterprises to ensure the health and safety of all employees and to aid in meeting new compliance standards and regulations.

Winning Best Emerging Technology at ISC West New Product Showcase

In July, BioConnect accepted the first-place award for Best Emerging Technology in 2020 at the ISC West New Product Showcase for their Unified Mobile Access Solution. Known as the “Super Bowl of Access Control,” the annual event was moved into a digital format that is to take place this October. However, the event still moved forward with the New Product Showcase, which consisted of a seven minute pitch, demo of the product and Q&A period. After a 2 week judging period, the judges awarded BioConnect the first prize in the New Product Showcase.

“Now more than ever, trusted access is critical to the safety and wellness of enterprises,” commented Rob Douglas, BioConnect Founder, Chairman and CEO. “BioConnect Link’s disruptive approach to adding higher security at any access point without a requirement to modify existing infrastructure changes the options for facility managers. I am thrilled that the SIA and New Product Showcase judges selected BioConnect Link for being the best emerging technology in 2020 and proud of the BioConnect team that has been working tirelessly to bring this solution to market.”

“There’s nothing like it in the market, and the fact that it’s such a low cost and low effort to install this and get it up and running in your workplace,” says Cardella. “The price point is unmatchable to anyone else if they were to come out with this, and we just have great integrations. You can be up and running with this solution in 30 minutes or less. So it’s an easy and quick way to install maximum security and get a hold of employee wellness in an enterprise.”

The Future for BioConnect

Various parts of the world have different compliance regulations and questions they need to ask employees in wellness declaration surveys. With this in mind, BioConnect hopes to add more customizable options for their survey in terms of what questions employers and enterprises want to ask for their own wellness declaration. Cardella also cites enhancing the user experience as a future area of focus for improvement. However, with the onset of COVID-19, BioConnect will continue to provide the appropriate tools for organizations to ensure the health and well-being of its stakeholders in these complex times.

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