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As part of its goal to fight against data brokers illegally touting consumers’ personal information, NortonLifeLock launched Privacy Monitor Assistant, an add-on subscription service with select Norton 360 and LifeLock plans that detects customers’ personal information on data-brokerage websites and offers them ways to remove it. As consumers continue to encounter unprecedented amounts of privacy incursions by identity thieves, the Privacy Monitor Assistant feature allows consumers’ to reclaim and fortify their online identities.

Brokers, Thieves and Havoc

While the existence of data brokers is not illegal, as they narrowly avoid privacy law regulations, the field is a risky one. Data brokerage companies scour the internet collecting and selling consumers’ data—from home addresses to social profiles to court records. They bundle this data and sell it for profit. The ready existence of this data, though, renders consumers ready targets for identity theft. Enough information allows identity thieves to cast a digital impersonation of any vulnerable consumer. Financial havoc is imminent.

“Once your information is online, it can be incredibly difficult to remove,” says Vincent Pilette, CEO of NortonLifeLock. “With our privacy offerings, Norton Secure VPN, PC SafeCam, and now, Privacy Monitor Assistant, we continue to arm consumers with the tools they need to reclaim control of their online privacy and defend against identity theft.”

A Welcome Add-On

NortonLifeLock’s consumer safety report, released in March 2020 in tandem with The Harris Poll, reveals that over 50% of Americans lack confidence in companies—and the government—to protect their personal information on the Internet. Over 87% of those surveyed have taken the initiative to protect their personal information online, whether that’s vigilant public Wi-Fi practices, limiting social media presences and using identity theft services like LifeLock. 74% of U.S. consumers, moreover, report being “more alarmed than ever” about the existence of their personal information on the web and concern for their privacy. With this data in mind, Norton continues to build software in an attempt to mitigate consumers’ concerns.

What’s the Deal?

Privacy Monitor Assistant, as an add-on to Privacy Monitor, gives consumers a glimpse into where their personal information is and gives them the ability to harness their online identity to decide when, where and who it should be used for. 

To access these slices, consumers must purchase either the Norton 360 or LifeLock plans for $99 per year or a single-use service for $49.


Olivia Baker is a Tech Innovation Fellow at Identity Review from Columbia University, where she writes on tech policy and national digital identity technologies.

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