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A study by University of Massachusetts psychologist Robert Feldman found that 60% of people lie during a typical 10-minute conversation and that people tend to average 2 to 3 lies during that time frame. Knowing this, how do you trust someone when they say they’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19?

CastleBranch is working to provide a solution to this very problem. They have become one of the first companies in the world to issue Real Vaccination ID cards. Each card is paired with a unique access code that can be used to electronically verify the individual’s identity, vaccination status, and view validated primary source vaccine documents. With this form of identification, individuals now have third-party verified, physical evidence of their vaccination status.

CastleBranch’s Vaccination ID Cards

These cards include built-in fraud prevention measures, affording individuals greater freedom of movement. However, as with all identification technology, a concern with CastleBranch Real Vaccination ID cards is privacy. In allowing CastleBranch to record this information, an individual is allowing the company access to precious personal data that could be misused.

Other Companies

Blok Solutions is a company solving the same problem, but in relation to COVID-19 testing. Their end-to-end platform is used to quickly authenticate a person’s COVID-19 status by scanning their phone. By reducing the reliance on word of mouth, Blok Solutions ensures that workplaces and schools can better control COVID-19.

Blok Solutions has taken a strong position in favor of keeping people’s information private by using blockchain technology. Because of this tool, Blok BioScience is unable to hold users’ personal data, meaning they are incapable of sharing the data with anyone. In an exclusive one-on-one interview with Alex Tai, CEO of Blok Solutions, Identity Review got insight into the company’s values: “There is a difference between won’t and can’t when you’re talking about holding data. The only way to be risk free is to not hold the data.”

CastleBranch’s Perspective on Privacy

Similar to Blok Solutions, CastleBranch has taken a strong position in favor of privacy: “CastleBranch’s Real Vaccination ID will be your passport to the world,” said Brett Martin, CEO of CastleBranch. “And with these passports, individuals will retain complete control and ownership over their own personal information, nothing about me without me.”

The information from the Real Vaccination ID card can only be accessed when the cardholder grants permission. Furthermore, Castlebranch has promised that the personal data used to create these cards will not be sold or given to any third-party entities for ulterior use. They aim  to ensure that the individual can retain complete control and ownership over their personal data.

CastleBranch’s strong belief that an individual’s self-sovereign digital identity is only used in the manner they see fit makes it clear that they will work hard to protect their users’ information from misuse.


Sarah Raza is a Tech Innovation Fellow with a background in computer science from Stanford. She is passionate about exploring the implications of increased usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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