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All Dubai Government Services Accessible via Digital Identity UAE Pass

In order to access necessary government services across the world, government-issued print documents are an absolute necessity for proof, verification and safety. However, with so much physical collateral in place, the tracking, maintenance and overall security has become challenging with data breach risks. This administrative liability is burdensome, as it poses a significant barrier for government operations and policy to run efficiently on a day-to-day basis.

However, governments are now beginning to recognize a viable solution: digital identity. Combining both efficiency, trust and independence, government organizations are quickly recognizing the scalability for this technology to be integrated into everyday interactions. And with the announcement for the nationwide implementation of digital identity from the Dubai government, there is no doubt that the future use case of this technology will be accelerated, with many countries to follow.

The Digital Future of Dubai

Called “The Digital Future,” this initiative from Smart Dubai mandates the UAE PASS as the only digital identity that can be utilized by citizens and residents to access important government services in the country. From now on, all government services can be accessed through the UAE Pass. Issued by the Strategic Affairs Council, this order is part of Dubai’s 100-day plan for government development and improvement, allowing for both the government and private sectors to eliminate paper identities while enhancing improved digital security and growing future-ready smart cities.

The Technology Behind the Signature

UAE PASS relies on digital identification through smartphones and a digital signature that allows Dubai residents to sign documents, therefore eliminating the need for visiting customer service centers to submit physical documentation. With this seamless transition toward a digital government, these residents are able to access over 5,000 kinds of government services using only a single set of login credentials, which include a simple username and a password combination. With this system in place, users can verify their identity, share with authorities and, most importantly, have autonomous control over their data and who they choose to share it with. And it’s all accessible via websites and mobile devices.

An Integrated and Innovative Society

The UAE Pass has already made an impact among the Dubai public; the service has so far been adopted by 200,000 individuals and counting, showcasing the inherent popularity in the technology’s ability to deliver seamless user experiences and public support. It’s an interactive and interconnected system that allows its citizens to experience the forefront of tangible innovation and enhanced livelihood. Furthermore, it’s an effort to showcase the rich digital leadership of Dubai and the utilization of technology for social good. In article from Gulf News, the Director General of Smart Dubai stated that “UAE Pass allows users to easily access services, as well as to digitally and remotely sign the necessary documents. This, in turn, supports Smart Dubai’s efforts to establish the emirate as the world’s happiest and smartest city.”

The Digital Identity Domino Effect

With this full-blown policy implementation sweeping the nation, Dubai has made radical changes that aim to serve to better the lives of its citizens. Now, however, comes the potential for digital identity in the context of global usage. Currently, approximately more than 1 billion of the global population lack a digital identity, meaning that there is no way to prove that they are who they are. Digital identity is more than just an add-on; it’s a necessity for the digital frontier ahead, providing equal and fair access to many critical (and possibly lifesaving) resources. With the adoption of digital identity through the UAE Pass system, we are starting to see digital identity get implemented at the highest level for citizens around the world. 

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