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Remote work has dramatically shifted the employee onboarding process. Prior to COVID-19, employees would show up to work in-person on their first day and likely gain access to a computer with their new software and permissions installed.

Onboarding is never fun, but remote onboarding creates particular headaches for managers. The current onboarding process is now run through the cloud, which means that the old method of installing the necessary software on-premise no longer works. That means that managers must create new accounts and enable permissions for each new employee and be able to manage those permissions in the cloud. The fact that the number of software apps that companies use has jumped 68% from 2015 to 2019 makes this process of managing permissions on each app even messier.

Advance Solutions is attempting to streamline the onboarding process and has released a new product, Identity and Access Management Application (IDAM), aimed at solving this problem. IDAM is built on top ServiceNow technology and integrates with Azure, MS365, Zoom, and Salesforce.

How does IDAM Work?

IDAM solves the key pain point in the onboarding process: it makes it easy for managers to grant or remove employee access to platforms from the cloud, mobile or IoT. IDAM also monitors employees’ use of platforms over time and automatically eliminates credentials that stand idle for long periods.

IDAM also offers specific features to manage employee transitions outside onboarding, including transferring to a new department or changing roles. In these situations, IDAM can immediately grant employees access to applications necessary for their new role through ServiceNow.

Gaurav Kochhar, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Advance Solutions, notes that IDAM’s ability to integrate across all data within companies is necessary for the modern enterprise.

“There’s more pressure than ever to compete in today’s digital market,” said Kochhar as part of a recent press release announcing the new product. “New demands require technology that is interoperable across digital ecosystems and can cut through siloed, complex legacy internal systems and connected devices.”

Relationship with ServiceNow and the Future of IDAM

In the press release, Advance Solutions called itself “one of the first to help organizations realign ServiceNow to drive value and improve efficiency” while also mentioning other corporate partnerships.

As a ServiceNow add-on application, the success of IDAM will depend on ServiceNow. Given the remarkable growth of ServiceNow, which provides IT services to business and is currently valued at over $100 billion, that is not a cause for concern.

Parshant Dhand, EVP, Digital Transformation, notes that innovation will also be critical to the success of the new feature.

“Innovation is key,” says Dhand, “and we will continue innovating this solution as well.”


Quinn Barry is a Tech Innovation Fellow from Stanford University covering innovations in digital privacy across finance and government.

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