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The chief security officer is accountable for all security measures within the organization. They are considered the senior executives required to supervise policies and programs ranging from large and small scale security concerns, and their oversight ensures the inviolable safety of the company.

Identity Review has put together a list of some of the top chief security officers disrupting the industry. Each individual has progressed the field forward with their expertise, research and thought leadership.

  1. Abeer Khedr, Information Security Director, National Bank of Egypt: Abeer Khedr has been in the security industry for over 20+ years, with her first experience at Deloitte for 10 years. She established a prominent role in overseeing their risk management and security measures. Khedr is now the Chief Security Officer at the National Bank of Egypt, where she continues to propel the field forward with new and innovative frameworks. Most recently, she was awarded the 2019 Top Cyber Security Government Leaders award. 
  2. Billy Spears, Chief Information Security Officer at Alteryx: Spears’s history and knowledge in this industry have allowed him to fortify a reputation that speaks for itself. With 18+ years of experience at top companies worldwide, including companies such as Dell, GE, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Hyundai Capital America and his current role at Alteryx, Spears has left an indelible mark on the industry.
  3. Brian Bobo, Chief Information Security Officer at Greenway Health: Bobo first started his career at Sun Country Airlines, where he covered the security and disaster recovery for the airline. At Greenway Health, he leads security teams to ensure the company is well prepared. Bobo makes an impact wherever he goes and is working with Fortune 500 companies; among others, his leadership skills and comprehensive knowledge of the IT and Cybersecurity world lends to his success.
  4. Jerry Geisler, Chief Information Security Officer at Walmart. Geisler is an essential part of the security experience for Walmart’s customers and employees. Geisler’s responsibilities ensure that all of Walmart’s customers, associates and widespread security measures within the company are safe. Overseeing thousands of different operations and tests each year, he continues to move this industry and company forward, playing a vital role in promoting up-and-coming technologists and skilled security workers.
  5. Daniel Lohrmann, Chief Security Officer and Chief Strategist at Security Mentor INC: Dan is a recognized cybersecurity leader, technologist, keynote speaker and author. He has a passion for security measures within companies, and he continuously shares his road to success with people and companies all over the world. He believes that in order to be successful, there needs to be a focus on relationships with colleagues and customers.
  6. Don Cox, Chief Information Security Officer at American Public Education: Cox’s record has nearly 25 years of vast experience in the industry. His skills and technique ensure that the company’s risk for IT or cybersecurity attacks is low, and he is constantly evolving new material to push the company toward success.
  7. Gary R. Hayslip, Chief Information Security Officer at SoftBank Investment Advisers: Hayslip stands out for being a cybersecurity professional. He is a recognized author and speaker who communicates the essential aspects of information security, risk management and leadership in his field. Moreover, Hayslip recently wrote one of the major books on enabling CISOs called “The Essential Guide to Cybersecurity for SMB,” which addresses topics such as how to spread business expertise. Nowadays, he writes for Forbes Technology Council and he is part of four different boards concerning cybersecurity and technology advice. 
  8. Jason Lau, Chief Information Security Officer at crypto.com: Lau and Crypto.com’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency as a new payment method. His work in this company consists of guaranteeing security and protecting the privacy of its clients. Lau has won multiple awards in the fields of cybersecurity and data privacy, and has contributed to the Forbes Technology Council as an official member and served as an adjunct professor at the HKBU Masters of FinTech program. Lau is also on the Standing Committee for the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong (PCPD). 
  9. Jothi Dugar, Chief Information Security Officer at NIH Center for Information Technology: Jothi is a 2020 Women Cybersecurity Leader of the Year Nominee. Dugar is the first person to claim CISO as NIH. She works with health and digital experts worldwide to address cybersecurity concerns such as the protection of people and data. 
  10. Lakshmi Hanspal, Global Chief Information Security Officer at Box: Lakshmi leads Box’s cybersecurity operations, including the protection of data and platforms. Lakshmi has more than 20 years of experience in protecting the privacy of its clients and in developing information security systems. Hanspal is in charge of the cloud management at Box, helping to deliver safer solutions for the company. 
  11. Magda Chelly, Head of Cyber Risk at Marsh Asia: Magda is the first female CEO of a major automaker. As a recognized cybersecurity consultant, Chelly has been fighting for women to have the same opportunities that men have in this field. She has created operational structures at companies that provide risk management solutions and services.
  12. Mark Potter, Chief Information Security Officer at BackBlaze: Mark is an experienced security officer whose priorities are to protect the BackBlaze cloud and its customers’ data. Potter is characterized as a leader who strengthens the functionality of the team, and is an expert when it comes to data protection and risk management.
  13. Michael Montoya, Chief Information Security Officer at Equinix: Michael is a specialist in developing global security programs, and has worked with many enterprises and governments in various international markets. Montoya worked with Microsoft Security Cloud by providing solutions to increase reliability, and his role at Equinix consists of managing the global cybersecurity risk program, helping to secure the company’s assets at a global scale. 
  14. Mike Britton, Chief Information Security Officer at Abnormal Security: Mike is a cybersecurity and privacy guru whose work has been essential to Abnormal Security. Mike’s expertise is on how organizations address cybersecurity problems and data leaks. Britton is well-known for taking care of not only data safety but also of some privacy programs.
  15. Richard Rushing, VP & CISO at Motorola Mobility: Richard has worked in the security industry for over 30 years. He specializes in startups, user awareness and information security, among other fields, which led him to administrate security investments and resolve incidents. His priorities include using IT features to build solid and secure infrastructures to provide clients with a coherent relationship between quality and price. 
  16. Brent Arsenault, Chief Information Security Officer at Microsoft: Arsenault has over 25 years of experience in the security and technology industries. He specializes in data protection by strategically focusing on spreading awareness of the actual cybersecurity risks. At Microsoft, he manages teams that work to protect data and information for the company.
  17. Nick Lovrien, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at Facebook: A Stanford graduate with 15 years in the field, Lovrien is responsible for all of Facebook’s security by protecting the users and the reputation of Facebook and all the associated apps that go along with it. He is involved in many groups to keep up to date with everything in the security industry. Lovrien’s background with the private and public sectors allows him to implement integrated security technology solutions. 
  18. Stephen Schmidt, Chief Information Security Officer at Amazon: With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, Schmidt plays a unique role at Amazon by ensuring that this company adapts to new technologies to increase cybersecurity. Schmidt has been focused on the development of safe functioning cloud computing to deliver a secure final product to businesses and government entities.

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