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Earn Millions of Dollars in Crypto Grants

A transparent, middle-man expunging system, the blockchain is among the most explosive technological innovations of our time—so much so that upcoming blockchain programmers can receive financial backing and crypto grants for helping said platforms deliver on their visions for decentralized, open source software protocols.

We match blockchain projects and teams with relevant crypto grants.

Apply for a grant from a grant pool of over $10M, offered by the ecosystems in the crypto industry. Hundreds of grants have been awarded to promising applications and teams.

This represents a unique opportunity to secure financial support for your project while gaining access to invaluable resources and networks. In particular, the grants can provide the means for you to develop your project and build a talented team to bring your vision to fruition.

  • The grant programs also offer access to essential resources such as mentorship, marketing support, and networking opportunities.
  • This enables grant recipients to build vital relationships with influential figures in the industry and establish a reputation for their project.
  • As a result, the grant programs can significantly increase the visibility and credibility of a project in the crypto community, attracting valuable partnerships, collaborations, and investor interest.

Given the rapidly evolving nature of the crypto industry, innovative solutions are in high demand to address the numerous challenges and opportunities present in this field. By applying for a grant from one of the ecosystems, your project can leverage the expertise and resources of the ecosystem to accelerate development and adoption, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Apply and be as specific as possible so that we can match you with the best opportunity.  All submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis. We will reach out if there is a match.


In the meantime, please consider these blockchain grants directly: 

Funded projects range from crypto wallet creation, to climate finance based on smart contracts, to bounties for those that help finish open block explorer tools. While grants abound, Identity Review has compiled the most relevant. 

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  1. Web3 Foundation: Projects funded by Web3 Foundation run the gamut of decentralized protocols; from alternative client implementations, to supply-chain modules, to layer-2 initiatives, to NFT collectibles, the organization furthers their goal of advancement and adoption of Web 3.0. Read more about their vision for a secure, autonomous, and decentralized internet here. Deadline: Ongoing
  2. Ecosystem Support Program (ESP): The grant branch of the Ethereum foundation, ESP supports incoming projects with a focus on universal tools and public goods based on the Ethereum platform. They exclusively grant to projects underway, so be sure to show progress when submitting an inquiry. Deadline: Ongoing
  3. Gitcoin Grants: A community-based platform for funders to post their grant requirements for grant seekers, are sure to find an efficient and intimate fund that adheres to project needs. Plus, the source itself promotes Gitcoin’s vision of decentralized internet protocol—a win-win. Deadline: Ongoing
  4. Waves Grants Program: Yet another organization angled toward the adoption of Web 3.0, this program aids talented developers with projects that align—and boost—the Waves protocol. To join, fill out this form. Deadline: Ongoing
  5. Chainlink’s Grant Programs: Chainlink, an oracle network that provides infrastructure for universally connected smart contracts, has a diverse set of grant portals. Social impact grants, for instance, support nonprofit ideas that explore the use of smart contracts to better humanity; their research program funds researchers and academics who publish cutting-edge research on the Chainlink Network; and their community grants seek Chainlink ecosystem teams that build infrastructure to accelerate the development of universally connected smart contract and oracle nodes. They also have a bug bounty program and integration grants, which encourage projects to procure services from Chainlink. Deadline: Ongoing
  6. EU’s NGI Research and Innovation Actions: NGI is an EU initiative that aims to re-shape the internet into a vibrant, open-source forum. Their mantra is simple: better internet, better future. A research-based fund program, each project pursues its own objectives, with aid from NGI logic, vision, technical support, and general mentoring. Look here to find a specific sub-fund that aligns with project interest; services that innovate without research are not covered by NGI’s fund model. Deadline: Ongoing
  7. ETHPrize: For bounty hunters—ETHPrize is a community research project that organizes bounties to help identify and solve the most critical issues facing the ethereum ecosystem. Deadline: Ongoing
  8. The Stable Fund: A small to mid-sized granting program run by MakerDAO ran to incentivize the third-party Dai ecosystem. Milestone-based and boasting grants up to $50k, the fund looks for novel, easy-to-use solutions that increase adoption and de-risk existing economies within the Dai space. Deadline: Ongoing
  9. ZCash Foundation’s Grant Program: Recent proposals to this grant project include the creation of a trustless bridge from ZCash to Etherum and Trezor full support for Zcash Orchard shielded transactions. A privacy-oriented cryptocurrency, Zcash hosts a bevy of community and committee-based funds erected to advance its usability, privacy, and adoption. Create a proposal here. Deadline: Ongoing
  10. Stacks Grant Program: Teams receive funding to boost infrastructure development, research, and tools to serve a Stack-blockchain-based internet, with examples that include a STX stacking wallet, STX custody solutions, chain visualizations and more. While akin to the above grants, their proposal process is far more community-based—applicants are encouraged to present their proposals for feedback, input, and collaboration. This conversation occurs on the Stacks discord channel. Deadline: Ongoing
  11. Algorand Foundation: With four distinct grant categories—research proposals, development tools and infrastructure, application and use cases, and education and community—this multi-year grant program offers varied levels of funding to empower innovation and develop support for the Algorand ecosystem. Read more about their core belief in an open, public, permissionless blockchain to power a borderless economy. Deadline: Ongoing
  12. Solana Foundation Grants Program: The Solana Foundation prides itself on not only democratizing the internet via blockchain, but also equalizing the global financial system. If accepted, members will receive milestone grants, VC intros, technical support, recruiting advisory, and marketing aid–the full package. Deadline: Ongoing
  13. Akash Developer Program and Community Fund: Permissionless and censorship-resistant, Akash’s cloud platform is ultramodern but esoteric. That’s why they created their fund—to grow their developer community, encourage collaboration and, ultimately, make their platform better and easier to understand. Projects receive up to $100,000 in funding, work closely with experts, and will culminate in a series of Demo Days, in which teams will present to seasoned Akash developers. Deadline: Ongoing


If you are a blockchain project that has a significant grant program and would like to be included, please email us at press@identityreview.com with the details of your program. 


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