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IoT is the interconnected network of smart objects linked to the Internet. Think smart ropes, ATMs and Amazon’s Echo.

But just as their products range in their function and form, the faces IoT are also aplenty— from podcast hosts to CROs, academics to founders. As the space reckons with newfound growth, Identity Review compiled a list of ten IoT thought leaders that guide the community with their innovative ideas and sharp commentary.

1. Stacey Higginbotham, Host of Internet of Things Podcast10 IoT Leaders, Stacey Higginbottom

Higginbotham is a top journalist in the IoT space, formally writing for Fortune and GigaOm. Further, she hosts The Internet of Things Podcast and currently produces content for The Wirecutter and PC Mag.

2. Andrew Thomas, Co-founder and CRO of Skybell10 IoT Leaders, Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas is the Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Skybell, a wifi video doorbell. Recently named the #3 expert in IoT in the world by Inc.com and known as one of the top marketers in IoT, Andrew raised over 10M for SkyBell. Along with IoT, he also manages deals with several F50 companies and has been featured on national TV and podcasts.

3. Jenny Fielding, Managing Director at Techstars10 IoT Leaders, Jenny Fielding

Active in both IoT and FinTech accelerators, Fielding has made several investments and is a skilled expert in advising IoT startups. She is a managing director at Techstars and an active investor in IoT, often speaking at IoT-centric conferences and writing a blog and newsletter for Techstars.

4. Greg Kahn, CEO of IoT Consortium 10 IoT Leaders, Greg Kahn

Greg Kahn is the CEO of IoT Consortium, which aims to accelerate the growth of IoT through partnerships, education, and driving adoption of IoT products. Along with the consortium, he runs GK Digital Media and frequently presents at technology conferences with the likes of IoT World, Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress.

5. Carolina Rudinschi, Co-founder of IIoT World10 IoT Leaders, Carolina Rudinschi

A co-founder of IIoT World, the first publication that is 100% dedicated to IoT, Rudinshi hones in on sustainability, digital transformation and smart cities. She holds a PhD in Digital Journalism & Media and is known as an “influencer” within the IoT community, growing her Twitter from 0 to 21,000 followers in under one year.

6. Peggy Smedley, President of Specialty Publishing Media  10 IoT Leaders, Peggy Smedley

Self-described as a “tech to people connector,” Smedley strives to educate her followers about IoT and inspire the next generation of innovators. She currently runs her podcast, The Peggy Show, a show that has reached international acclaim in technologist circles.

7. Kevin Ashton, Co-founder of MIT’s Auto-ID Centre 10 IoT Leaders, Kevin Ashton

Ashton’s chief source of notability stems from coining the term “Internet of Things.” A co-founder of the Auto-ID Centre at MIT, he spearheaded the global standards for RFID (radio frequency identification) and other sensors. He has also led three startups, EnerNOC, ThingMagic and Zensi, and his tech-culture writing has been featured on the NY Times, The Atlantic and Politico.

8. Daniel Elizalde, Host of Enterprise Product Leadership Podcast10 IoT Leaders, Daniel Elizalde

Having previously served as a VP of IoT at Ericsson and as an IoT instructor at Stanford, Elizalde has both big tech and academic prestige. With over 20 years of B2B product experience, he continues to utilize modern technologies such as IoT, 5G, Cloud Computing to manage several enterprise product portfolios. He is a seasoned speaker on both product management and IoT.

9. Dr. Mazlan Abbas, Co-founder and CEO of FAVORIOT10 IoT Leaders, Maslan Abbas

Dr. Abbas is the CEO and co-founder of FAVORIOT, an IoT development platform. With other 30 years of industry experience, he has worked with REDtone IOT (a IoT company working on smart farming and smart cities) , and CELECOM. He is currently a professor, teaching at several universities in Malaysia, and is regarded as a leading expert in IoT and smart cities.

10. Sarah Cooper, General Manager of IoT Solutions at AWS10 IoT Leaders, Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper is currently a General Manager of IoT solutions at AWS and is also the VP of the IoT Community, which holds over 20,000 members of IoT practitioners from around the globe. She holds 6 U.S. patents in advanced materials and devices, and is likewise recognized on the IS 50 Most Empowering Women in Business list and a top 20 IoT influencer by Inc. She founded TE-Bio, an IoT device company and holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Sydney.

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