TikTok's Data Collection Practices

This report delves into TikTok security concerns,  providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of TikTok's data collection practices and the possible implications for user privacy and national security.

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An In-Depth Look at Privacy Implications

In this comprehensive report, you will find an extensive analysis of TikTok's data collection practices, including:

Risk assessment: Each risk factor is carefully examined and scored based on a point system, providing an in-depth understanding of the potential risks associated with the data collected by TikTok.

Explanation of business use: For each risk factor, we offer an explanation of TikTok's stated reasons for collecting the data, helping to shed light on the company's rationale behind their data collection practices.

Over 40 risk factors: We identify and assess a wide range of data points collected by TikTok, evaluating their potential implications for user privacy and security.

TikTok's Data Dilemma Report