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The world of NFTs moves quickly as new projects enter the market everyday. It is estimated that the Ethereum blockchain has seen an increase of over 100%  in NFT collections over the past year; however, not every collection will be a hit. For an NFT project to succeed, it needs to possess elevated quality, engaging communities, promising visions, and a team to carry it out among other traits. While it is hard to determine if an NFT collection will be successful before it has fully matured, there are always promising candidates with potential. Introducing one of 2022’s anticipated NFT drops: DANKBOTS.

Krenski Silver 1of1

Krenski Silver 1 of 1 DANKBOT

Meet the Team Behind DANKBOTS

As the face of the DANKBOTS project, founder Brendan Tadler has brought his expertise from the physical world into the digital world. Tadler has his roots in the world of architecture as a luxury retail and residential designer, and he is no stranger to the collecting of real world arts and artifacts. As the world of digital art emerged, Tadler did not hesitate to dive into the world of NFTs as he believes digital art will become valuable assets in the near future.

Besides him is Rebecca Gordon, often referred to as the “Bot Mother.” A master graduate architect of the University of Sydney, Gordon is the artist behind the original design of the DANKBOTS and one of the central figures in this project. There are several other team members who serve as financial managers, engineers, and artists; among them is Kristen Tadler who is in charge of the upcoming merchandise line. 

DANKBOTS NFT collaboration with EBOY

eBoy 1 of 1 DANKBOT

What are DANKBOTS? 

The original name of DANKBOTS came from Brendan Tadler himself. Under his interpretation, the slang term “dank” depicted something cool — something people would want to be involved with. 

DANKBOTS consist of PFPs each showcasing a robot-like figure. The creators of the project were inspired by the collection NOUNS, so when Gordon drafted up the first DANKBOTS design, Tadler was awed. “Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous, really cool. It’s plastic, minimalist. I think it’s very user-friendly. I think it could be a credible global language and people would get it,” Tadler said in a medium article. From there, the pieces for the first DANKBOT were created. 

Along with the NOUNS-inspired, minimalist design, the project also pays “homage to the immensely talented ArtBlocks generative art NFT community … [as well as] art platforms like Fxhash and 1/1 Artists from Foundation.” Through a series of 1/1 DANKBOTS, the creators have collaborated with artists such as Nicholas Sassoon and eBoy – all in efforts to connect the art and collectible worlds into one tighter community.

The collection features 7,777 unique bots which will each hold a combination of 130 different traits. DANKBOTS utilizes Creative Common Licensing –  allowing the holders of each DANKBOT to use the NFT however they wish. Each holder of the NFT will also be welcomed into the DANKBOTS community.

Nicolas Sassoon 1 of 1 DANKBOT

Nicolas Sassoon 1 of 1 DANKBOT

Welcome to the DANKBOTS Community

Placing a heavy emphasis on the importance of community, the creators of DANKBOTS have a vision to make the transition from web2 to web3 seamless and easy. In broader terms, they aim to guide people into the world of digital art. To accomplish this, the creators placed emphasis on accessibility through education. As the web3 space may be a cryptic space for new users, the DANKBOTS team has utilized their Twitter and Discord as outlets for outreach, questions, and answers. Specifically, the team is keen on helping new web3 users with security concerns. 

Furthermore, the team has expressed its strong intent to do more 1/1 collaborations with artists within the community, hold community-wide meetups, set up IRL digital art galleries, and roll out founder passes, which will offer holders unique perks.

The minting process for DANKBOTS opened up on April 12, 2022, and they have been actively expanding their community ever since. Currently, the floor price for DANKBOTS is listed as 0.2 ETH with a total volume of 12.7 ETH on OpenSea.


Daniel Shin is a contributor to Identity Review from the University of Southern California.

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